Published On: Thu, Jul 20th, 2017

[Updated: Patch Notes] Battlefield 1 Prise de Tahure Update Being Deployed For PC/XO/PS4

[Update] The refurbish is now live, and a central recover records for a refurbish have been released. We’ve enclosed them below:

Prise de Tahure

battlefield-1-may-updateRelated Battlefield 1 May Update Released For PC/PS4/XO; Patch Notes Inside

Prise de Tahure is a second night map and a final map for Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass. French raiders and German stormtroopers strife in an civic ditch environment as a nights grow colder in a Champagne-Ardennes region. The frontline ditch networks cut right by several villages confronting nonexistence from a consistent skirmishing between German and French troops. This calm will be accessible for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners and owners of a They Shall Not Pass enlargement pack. Non-Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners will be means to entrance a calm around Premium Friends or Premium Trials.


With this update, we’ve introduced Premium Trials. Premium Trials  are timed events that concede non-Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners to knowledge a maps of a entirely expelled enlargement packs before they buy. Sounds identical to Premium Friends, right? It’s a same feature, though but a need to celebration adult with a Premium Pass owner. Earning XP, spawning in vehicles expelled in a expansion, and progression/unlocks will be singular to Premium Pass owners.


battlefield-1-prise-de-tahureRelated Battlefield 1 Prise de Tahure Map Announced; Russian Army Coming Soon

  • Soissons: Adjusted Flag D constraint area in Frontlines to urge map balance.
  • Nivelle Nights: Fixed a bug where a Out of Bounds grayscale screen-effect would infrequently destroy to enable.
  • Nivelle Nights: Fixed an emanate where margin kits in zone 5 in a Rush diversion could be used before a zone was active.
  • Fort de Vaux: Players should no longer be means to get on tip of a installation around a yard area.


  • Updated a Map Voting complement to bar a prior map (as good as a stream map) from a pointless preference pool to forestall a probable A-B-A-B map play pattern.
  • Game will now cancel matchmaking whenever subsidy out of a Operations creation screen. This to forestall a slow fuzz state of a globe.
  • Synchronized repairs taken outcome to a tangible shooter networked state. Previously it lead to out of sync effects where a shooter was not nonetheless visible.
  • Fixed a singular customer pile-up that could start when a actor assimilated late and a actor only dropped/picked adult a weapon.
  • Fixed a undo emanate that could start when loading a map.


  • Premium Friends – Non-Premium players’ measure will now uncover 0 via a compare on all Scoreboards and End-of-Round screens.


  • Added new environment to concede for singular series of specific kits.
  • Added environment for turn time extent multiplier.
  • Added environment for Unlimited Magazines.
  • Countdown stops if players drop: Lowered a compulsory actor count for countdown to start diversion turn to a smallest series of players compulsory to finish a diversion if preround is enabled. The actor count is unvaried if preround is disabled.
  • Implemented a latency soothing close choice where players with a ping aloft than 100ms aloft get kicked automatically.


  • Fixed emanate where a “Player-Created Content” choice was grayed-out, unusable, and set to “Hide” after booting a pretension but a network connection.
  • Fixed a wrong ride motorist follow camera heading in a controls UI.
  • The networking issues icons will not uncover adult in Spectator Mode anymore.

[Original story] The Battlefield 1 Prise de Tahure update is being deployed for all platforms, and patch records for a refurbish are inbound.

The refurbish is compulsory for all Battlefield 1 players, and weighs in during scarcely 4GB on PC. Alongside a categorical diversion update, a Prise de Tahure map will be done accessible to Premium Pass owners or owners of a They Shall Not Pass enlargement pack.

EA and DICE note that a BF1 servers will be offline for approximately 2 hours as a refurbish is being rolled out. As shortly as a patch is live, we refurbish this post with a central recover notes, that will be done accessible right here as well.

Battlefield 1 is accessible now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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