Published On: Mon, Aug 21st, 2017

[Updated: Microsoft Confirms] Limited Xbox One X ‘Project Scorpio Edition’ Surfaces during German Retailers

[Update] At Microsoft’s Gamescom 2017 press conference, a association reliable a recover of a Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, that is accessible for pre-order now. According to Microsoft, usually a singular amount will be available and they will usually be accessible as partial of a current pre-order.

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[Original story] A singular Xbox One X ‘Project Scorpio Edition’ flush during a website of German retailers Mediamarkt and sister association Saturn.

It appears that a singular Project Scorpio Edition is a special book of a extended Xbox console that will be accessible for those purchasing a console during launch. While a product pages have now been removed, German website XboxDynasty managed to screenshot a pages.

The Project Scorpio Edition has nonetheless to be strictly reliable by Microsoft, though from a looks of it, this singular book of a Xbox One X is a reverence to a console’s strange codename – Project Scorpio. On a front of a console and controller, a Scorpio trademark can clearly be discerned, and a cover of a One X’s hardware facilities an all-black tone intrigue with a light tinged texture.

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Interestingly, website published an essay about a Project Scorpio Edition, though this essay has given been private as well. Luckily, a internet doesn’t forget and this page has also been cached. Down next you’ll find a divide from a strange article:

The Redmond-based association has announced a Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, that has a codename emblazoned on a controller and console. As good as this there’s a “dynamic striking pattern” on a bombard and a wrapping has been designed in a identical approach to a strange Xbox console. It’s a crafty hat-tip to a past and doesn’t detract from a customary consoles clean, monolithic style. The immature used on a codename, too, is a same pale immature synonymous with earlier-gen Xboxes.

Microsoft will be announcing a pre-order dates for a Xbox One X after currently during their Gamescom 2017 briefing. The association also announced a small surprise, that competence be associated to this singular Project Scorpio Edition.

The Xbox One X will recover on Nov 7th for $499 USD.

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