Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

[Updated: Do Not Download] Injustice 2 Patch 1.10 for PS4/XO Is Deleting Player’s Gear and Shaders

[Update] Developer NetherRealm Studios has settled to be wakeful of a issues inspiring player’s gear, and is now investigating. “To a players – we’re wakeful of a issues with Gear and are now investigating. Thank we for your patience!”, a central Injustice 2 Twitter comment wrote.

Meanwhile, NetherRealm’s village dilettante Tyler Lansdown suggests that influenced players hit Warner Bros. during to assistance get their rigging back.

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[Original story] The recently expelled Injustice 2 patch 1.10 is deletion a rigging and shaders of players on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. expelled a 1.10 refurbish for Injustice 2, though we rarely advise we don’t download and request this refurbish as a refurbish appears to be deletion player’s good warranted rigging and shaders. Several topics have already been combined on a Injustice subreddit, and several NEOGAF users have also reported losing their equipment following a update. We’ve enclosed some posts from a Injustice subreddit below:

QuietQueen: “There have been dual updates in a past not even a week, and demeanour what happens; people are losing shaders, gear, some people are removing zero from their mom boxes… nonetheless NRS and WB usually seem to caring about removing their latest DLC impression out on a marketplace for people to spend their income on. I’ve never seen a diversion have dual back-to-back updates to repair gameplay issues, though heck, they’ll really do it if it revolves around paid DLC.”

JJBSpurs1305:“The dual premier skins we spent genuine income on to buy are now locked”

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TristMerc: “Too small too late for me, I’m afraid. The same thing happened to me, and I’ve been personification all day harsh for Scarecrow’s legendary. Lost, easily, 10-20 pieces of rigging that were improved than something we had equipped- and each square of Harley’s Lunatic set from a Multiverse. This is absurd. EDIT: Far some-more than this was lost- shaders, abilities, and maybe 50% of my stockpiled Epic rigging we had is also gone. This is some-more than absurd- this is positively fucking ridiculous!”

Let’s wish that Warner and NetherRealm find a resolution to repair this emanate soon.

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