Published On: Wed, Sep 13th, 2017

Update tvOS 11 Public Beta to tvOS 11 GM – Here’s How You Do it

tvOS 11 GM is now accessible to download, and if you’re a tvOS 11 Public Beta user, afterwards we too can squeeze a latest near-final update.

tvOS 11 Public Beta Users Can Get a Taste of tvOS 11 GM for Free – Here’s How to Update

We got a code new Apple TV 4K as good as tvOS 11. It was usually expected that tvOS 11 GM would shortly turn accessible for download too. Right on cue, Apple has flipped a switch, enabling developers and beta testers to get reason of a Gold Master build of Apple’s TV platform.

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Just like before, tvOS 11 GM is accessible as an over a atmosphere download for everyone, including open beta testers. So yes, this means that we do not need an Apple Developer Program membership in sequence to try out Apple’s near-final build of a TV platform. In sequence to refurbish your Apple TV to a GM build right now, usually follow a stairs summarized below.

  • Turn on your Apple TV and make certain we are online.
  • Now, open a Settings app from a tvOS home screen.
  • Scroll all a approach down and name System.
  • Now name Software Updates and implement a accessible download.

Once a download is completed, you’ll be stirred for installation. As shortly as we start a designation process, we will be compulsory to restart your device. This means that your Apple TV will turn totally obsolete for a brief duration of time. As shortly as a designation is complete, you’ll foot behind into a stablest build of tvOS 11 you’ve ever used. And a usually thing that was indispensable to get there was a tiny bit of patience.

Keep one thing in mind: if Apple finds a final notation bug in a stream tvOS 11 GM build, afterwards it will be forced to recover a code new refurbish in sequence to patch things up. At a same time, there’s a possibility it competence not patch anything during all, and will instead opt for pulling out a tiny over a atmosphere refurbish on a large recover day of tvOS 11 final for everybody else.

We will refurbish a readers as shortly as we get breeze of some-more tvOS 11 associated news, so stay tuned for that. In a meantime, refreshen adult your Apple TV set-top box with a GM update. You merit it!

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