Published On: Thu, Mar 30th, 2017

[Update – Official Announcement & Trailer] Destiny 2 Leak Confirms PC Version


The central exhibit (CGI) trailer is now live. Activision also reliable a leaked Sep 8th recover date.

You might already pre-order here and in doing so, secure a mark in a arriving beta. The central FAQ clarifies there’ll be an open beta, though. There’ll be a gameplay premiere live streamed on May 18.

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said:

Destiny was a biggest launch of a new console video diversion authorization ever. Along with a impossibly gifted partners during Bungie, we are focusing on creation Destiny 2 even better, with state of a art initial chairman action, an strenuous new story, good characters, and courteous innovations that make a diversion some-more permitted to all opposite kinds of players. We’re also bringing Destiny 2 to a PC height for a initial time. Destiny 2 will make an already good diversion authorization improved than ever.

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons said:

The past 3 years have been impossibly moving and rewarding for Bungie. To know that millions of players around a universe have fake durability Destiny memories and even done it their hobby is truly humbling and we can’t wait to continue a journey. We are looking brazen to pity a fresh, mouth-watering story, and with a arriving Destiny 2 Beta slated for this summer, we are fervent to get feedback from millions of players around a universe who will get a glance of a new adventures that will exhibit for all of us. Together, with a partners during Activision, we are anxious to get Destiny 2 in a hands of players in September.


A uninformed Destiny 2 trickle only seemed on Reddit, pleasantness of Spanish fan site UniversoDestiny who got it from a Spanish retailer. There’s a lot of things in this Destiny 2 leak, including a brief outline of a diversion and a calm of a Collector’s and Limited Edition.

Finally, a box art next definitively confirms that Destiny 2 will launch on PC, too.

From a creators of Destiny, a rarely acclaimed game, a intensely expected supplement is entrance up. A initial chairman movement shooter that places we in an epic journey by a Solar System.
The final city on Earth has depressed before an strenuous invasive force underneath Ghaul, a soaring commander of a Red Legion. Guardians are using out of power, and a few survivors have left. You will try in mysterious, uncharted worlds from a Solar System to learn harmful weapons and quarrel abilities. In sequence to better a Red Legion and face Ghaul, we will need to accumulate a flourishing heroes from a City and quarrel behind together to explain behind home.

The Collector’s Edition will include:

  • Destiny 2 game
  • Expansions we and II including quests, shelter activities, multiplayer calm and tons of armor and rigging (idk a pricing though seems it’s fundamentally a same as Destiny 1)
  • Legendary sword DLC
  • Legendary display DLC
  • Cabal sovereignty button DLC
  • “Frontier” earthy bag we can lift around with a 15″ inscription pocket
  • “Frontier” pack including USBcharger with solar panel
  • A paracord
  • A solar rug
  • Limited book steelbook
  • Collector’s book gang themed reward box, including a notebook, a map, and collectibles such as postcards and “pawns from a Empire”

The Limited Edition, on a other hand, comes with:

  • Destiny 2 bottom game
  • Expansions we and II
  • The formerly explained DLC
  • The steelbook
  • The reward box and all a things inside

Later today, Bungie will exhibit a full Destiny 2 exhibit trailer during 10AM PST.

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