Published On: Fri, Jun 25th, 2021

Update: Google is loitering the deprecation of tracking cookies

Update: Google has now reliable a delay, essay in a blog post that a rendezvous with UK regulators over a supposed “Privacy Sandbox” means support for tracking cookies won’t start being phased out in Chrome until a second half of 2023.

“We devise to continue to work with a web village to emanate some-more private approaches to pivotal areas, including ad measurement, delivering applicable ads and content, and rascal detection,” it writes. “Today, Chrome and others have offering some-more than 30 proposals, and 4 of those proposals are accessible in start trials.

“For Chrome, specifically, a idea is to have a pivotal technologies deployed by late 2022 for a developer village to start adopting them. Subject to a rendezvous with a United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and in line with a commitments we have offered, Chrome could afterwards proviso out third-party cookies over a 3 month period, starting in mid-2023 and finale in late 2023.”

The check gives a adtech attention some-more time to adjust to a post-tracking-cookie online area — presumption a CMA is happy to let Google go forward with a vital retooling.

The losers, meanwhile, are Internet users — who will continue to be theme to third celebration tracking for years longer during slightest (or, well, Chrome users will; other privacy-centric web browsers are available).

Our strange news follows below… 

Adtech hulk Google appears to be disposition toward postponing a prolonged designed deprecation of third celebration tracking cookies.

The devise dates behind to 2019 when it announced a long-term beginning that will make it harder for online marketers and advertisers to lane web users, including by deprecating third celebration cookies in Chrome.

Then in Jan 2020 it pronounced it would make a switch within dual years. Which would meant by 2022.

Google wants to proviso out support for third-party cookies in Chrome within dual years

Google reliable to TechCrunch that it has a Privacy Sandbox proclamation incoming currently — set for 4pm BST/5pm CET — after we contacted it to ask for acknowledgment of information we’d heard, around a possess sources.

We’ve been told Google’s new central timeline for doing will be 2023.

However a orator for a tech hulk danced around providing a approach acknowledgment — observant that “an update” is incoming shortly.

“We do have an proclamation currently that will strew some light on Privacy Sandbox updates,” a orator also told us.

He had responded to a initial email — that had asked Google to endorse that it will postpone a doing of Privacy Sandbox to 2023; and for any matter on a check — with an confirmation (“yep”) so, well, a check looks likely. But we’ll see how accurately Google will spin that in a few mins when it publishes a incoming Privacy Sandbox announcement.

Google has formerly pronounced it would depreciate support for third celebration cookies by 2022 — that naturally implies that a wider Privacy Sandbox smoke-stack of associated adtech would also need to be in place by then.

Earlier this year it somewhat hedged a 2022 timeline, observant in Jan that any changes would not be finished before 2022.

The emanate for Google is that regulatory inspection of a devise has stepped adult — following antitrust complaints from a adtech attention that faces outrageous changes to how it can lane and aim Internet users.

In Europe, a UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has been operative with a UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office to know a foe and remoteness implications of Google’s designed move. And, progressing this month, a CMA released a presentation of goal to accept due commitments from Google that would capacitate a regulator to retard any deprecation of cookies if it’s not happy it can be finished in a approach that’s good for foe and privacy.

At a time we asked Google how a CMA’s impasse competence impact a Privacy Sandbox timeline though a association declined to comment.

Increased regulatory slip of Big Tech will have copiousness of ramifications — many apparently it means a finish of any possibility for giants like Google to ‘move quick and mangle things’.

Google’s devise to reinstate tracking cookies goes underneath UK antitrust probe

Google won’t finish support for tracking cookies unless UK’s foe watchdog agrees

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