Published On: Fri, Dec 23rd, 2016

Upcoming iPad Launch Could Be Delayed Due to Poor Chip Yields

Previous reports claimed that Apple’s arriving iPad lineup comprised adult of several slates, and was approaching to be announced during 2017. Unfortunately, sources tighten to a matter have settled that ‘lower than expected’ produce for 10nm chips competence force Apple to extend a central proclamation month of a iPad family.

TSMC and Samsung Said to Be Facing Monumental Issues – A10X Production Could Be Delayed, Leading to Imminent iPad Date Extension

The pierce to incorporate Apple’s A10X SoCs inside a iPad lineup would meant that a chip would be done on a 10nm FinFET architecture, ensuing in lowered energy expenditure and most improved opening and thermal efficiency. These chips are pronounced to pass a capabilities of a 16nm FinFET chips; a routine that was used to make a A10 chips found inside a iPhone 7 lineup. Unfortunately, an progressing proclamation date for a iPad lineup could stop to exist since both TSMC and Samsung have been experiencing a lot of problem in creation 10nm FinFET chips.

It is indeed a formidable process; companies like TSMC and Samsung have invested a ton of financial resources in constructing buildings matched to mass prolongation of these chips. These buildings are pronounced to withstand vibrations and other elements, that would block a mass prolongation process, and a stairs alone compulsory to emanate such chips on a large scale isn’t a travel in a park either, that is because sources are claiming that both manufacturers are saying problem here. If direct is incompetent to be met, afterwards a proclamation dates of a iPad family could be pushed serve and will several new refreshes entrance in, that direct contingency be stronger than ever.

Previous rumors have suggested that a 2017 line of iPads will embody 3 models

  • Upgraded 9.7-inch model
  • Upgraded 12.9-inch model
  • New 10.9-inch indication (could also have a 10.1-inch or 10.5-inch shade size)

The same 10nm FinFET record is going to be used to make a A11 SoCs that will be benefaction in a iPhone 8, though prolongation for these is approaching to embark in Q2 2017. For products that were approaching to be announced earlier, 10nm FinFET chip manufacturers will need to find a resolution to mislay a stopping component from their progress.


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