Published On: Wed, Jan 30th, 2019

Unreleased N64 Game Dragon Sword Might Finally Be Completed 20 Years Later


Around 1997-98, a hack-and-slash diversion underneath a name Dragon Sword was in growth for a Nintendo 64. Sadly, it was never completed, and players never got to see it as it was truly intended, yet that competence be about to change.

The diversion was creatively being combined by Team Storm during Interactive Studios, a group behind 1998 platformer, Glover), yet different complications relating to a publisher meant that it never done it to store shelves. A beta of sorts was eventually expelled in 2010 interjection to an unknown collector, common online for those intrigued to knowledge a diversion during a indicate during that it had been abandoned, yet a unprepared state and unused bugs meant that it was some-more of a newness than a entirely operative game.

Now, though, Piko Interactive has reliable that it has acquired a rights to a diversion along with a source code, hinting that it might good go on to finally finish a game’s growth 20 years later. Piko Interactive has a story of restoring mislaid games, particularly resurrecting another mislaid N64 title, 40 Winks, around Kickstarter only final year.

We could good see a identical crowdfunding debate for this plan in a nearby destiny – potentially being something for any fervent retro fans to keep their beady eyes on. If you’re meddlesome in singular or mislaid games and have lustful memories of a N64 era, make certain to keep an eye out for this one.

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