Published On: Mon, Jun 29th, 2015

Unnamed Star Wars Project Going To Be Like Star Wars 1313 and Uncharted

Nolan North, a actor that voices Nathan Drake in Uncharted, was confronted about a depart of Amy Hennig to Visceral during MetroCon and was means to strew some light on not usually that, yet also on a puzzling Star Wars diversion presumably in development.

Star Wars 1313

Nathan Drake gives divided a small treasure, tells us about a unnamed Star Wars diversion from Visceral.

At a QA row during MetroCon a fan asked a forked doubt about Amy Hennig withdrawal and how that effected a book and story of Uncharted. Apparently they had to totally drop a 8 months of prolongation with her script. After Amy left, Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann took a lead with a somewhat opposite tinge than before, yet a altogether dream was pronounced to be a same.

It’s usually that they’re opposite styles. But it’s loyal to a story.

– Nolan North around NeoGaf

The unequivocally good information that came from this row speak is about a sly Star Wars plan that Amy Hennig was presumably hired for during Visceral Games. Nolan North was unequivocally discerning to encourage fans that she’s unequivocally going to be bringing her graphic story-telling character to Visceral, and so confederate it into this Star Wars diversion we keep conference about.

“If you’re a large fan of Amy Hennig with her styles of stories, a large thing hitch her is that she’s left to EA and is going to reboot a code new Star Wars authorization in a character of Uncharted and we occur to know a lot about it and it’s gonna be awesome,”

– Nolan North around NeoGaf

Reboot a code new franchise? That’s an engaging choice of difference to use when describing what Amy wants to do. In fact it speaks to a prior comment that Star Wars 1313 was going to be continued (or that it unequivocally should be). The usually open-world Star Wars diversion that exists, yet was never completed, is Star Wars 1313, so it’s a usually reboot probable in this scenario.

There unequivocally is no reason to doubt his estimation of a state of Amy’s new project. He’s positively in a position to be arcane to during slightest some slivers of information. EA and Visceral would be lingering if they didn’t gain on an already fascinating diversion concept.

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