Published On: Thu, May 5th, 2022

UK council invites Twitter-lovin’ Musk to speak ‘authenticating all humans’

The British council has invited Elon Musk to “discuss a destiny of Twitter” since we live in deeply furious times.

If Musk agrees to pronounce to parliamentarians on a Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) cabinet — even almost — he will be going serve than Facebook owners Mark Zuckerberg who (in)famously snubbed repeat calls to attest before it in a arise of a Cambridge Analytica information abuse liaison behind in 2018.

Unlike Zuckerberg, who was seeking to hedge inspection of how accurately Facebook came to concede a organisation some of a possess staff had dubbed “sketchy” siphon adult information on millions of users though their believe or consent, Musk has no apparent reason to equivocate a chinwag with a few of a U.K. parliament’s ‘honorable members’ — besides his ubiquitous distain for supervision institutions.

He might also (currently) be too bustling trolling owners of NFTs to notice or caring about an “invitation to speak” to parliamentarians of a nation on a other side of a Atlantic.

But he almost should take adult a entice — since it’s a pointer of things to come if he succeeds in his goal to possess Twitter.

As we reported earlier, there is a flourishing patchwork of general regulations that already and/or will shortly request to a debate platform. So if Musk turn Twitter’s owner, he will be on a offshoot for decisions that could outcome in a association being fined almost for unwell to approve with regional/per marketplace manners on calm such platforms can legally carry.

Rules that could even see internal execs doing jail time for correspondence failures in a box of a U.K.’s incoming Online Safety legislation.

In a minute of invitation to Musk that a DCMS cabinet done open today, it writes that it’s generally meddlesome in his offer to “authenticate all humans.”

“My cabinet has remarkable your due merger of Twitter and we are meddlesome in a developments we propose,” writes cabinet chair and MP Julian Knight. “In particular, your goal to hurl out corroboration for all users echoes a calls on a U.K. supervision as prejudiced of due legislation, that we wish will revive a U.K. public’s trust in digital platforms.”

Knight goes on to note a 2020 news by a cabinet on misinformation during a COVID-19 “infodemic” that called for “greater clarity of bots and programmed and spam accounts,” as good as referencing a some-more new news on a Online Safety Bill — that “discussed ways to change polite liberties like leisure of countenance with a need to tackle pernicious, pervasive online child passionate exploitation and abuse,” as he puts it.

“I therefore wish to take this event to entice we to pronounce before a cabinet and plead your proposals in some-more depth,” Knight goes on, before suggesting Musk use a British parliament’s open height to goblin his critics (er … clever what we wish for!) — as he writes: “I know we have voiced your wish that critics sojourn on Twitter and this might benefaction an event to residence any critiques in public.”

Critics of a U.K. government’s Online Safety Bill, meanwhile, have prolonged been endangered a supervision could be disposition toward tying amicable media anonymity — in a claimed bid to stifle trolling and abuse on online platforms.

However a supervision denounced a concede proceed progressing this year that would need a largest platforms to yield users with collection to extent how most (potentially) damaging though technically authorised calm they get unprotected to by charity ways for them to determine their temperament and control who can correlate with them on a use (e.g., by selecting an choice to usually accept DMs and replies from accurate accounts).

UK wants to fist leisure of strech to take on internet trolls

“The responsibility will be on a platforms to confirm that methods to use to do this temperament corroboration avocation though they contingency give users a choice to opt in or out,” DCMS wrote in Feb of a prejudiced authentication serve to what critics already dub a ‘kitchen sink’ bill.

If a supervision binds to that, a U.K. will equivocate a argumentative sweeping corroboration requirement charge for platforms like Twitter — same to Musk’s “authenticating all humans” thought — nonetheless a Online Safety Bill is still undergoing parliamentary inspection so there could be serve amendments before it becomes law. (And a DCMS committee, during least, appears penetrating on moar authentication.)

A lot could still occur to change a fact of a incoming legislation. But it’s bizarre to consider that new tenure during a vital height like Twitter could reset a amicable media debate dial in an even some-more radical instruction than that due by a U.K. supervision — i.e., if Musk really means to force all Twitter comment holders by temperament verification.

If he does intend that, it could meant a misfortune of all worlds: An ill-thought-through debate chilling involvement by Musk, that fails to value remoteness nor know a relations risks for users of being forced to trust a third celebration to (at best) guarantee their identity, total with a flourishing mass of restrictions being practical to debate platforms by states and domestic institutions around a world, some (technically) democratic, others (totally) autocratic, that are given to take a narrower perspective on what’s authorised to demonstrate online.

Will Elon Musk put Twitter on a collision march with tellurian debate regulators?

UK’s Online Safety Bill falls brief on safeguarding debate and rebellious harms, warns committee

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