Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2016

UK High Court Rules In Google’s Favor In Anticompetitive Maps Case

While Google continues facing multiple antitrust probes during a European level, a association will be cheered now by a U.K. High Court preference that has ruled in a preference on a specific anticompetitive complaint.

The box in doubt was filed by UK mapping association Streetmap behind in 2013, which indicted Google of abusing a dominant position to foster a mapping use within hunt formula — thereby carrying a knock-on outcome on trade to Streetmap’s possess service. The censure relates to Google rising Maps in a UK behind in 2007.

Streetmap, a really early inciter in a online mapping space, said Google’s Maps launch decimated trade to a opposition mapping website. Its evidence was that a inclusion by Google of a map during a tip of hunt formula displaying formula from Google Maps promoted Google’s own maps some-more agreeably than rivals — hence a explain of anticompetitive behavior.

A identical evidence per Google’s hunt comparison use is now being examined by a EU antitrust commissioner. The EC released a grave Statement of Objections per a operation of Google Shopping in Apr final year. It is also holding a closer demeanour during Google’s Android mobile OS to examine antitrust complaints.

However a decider in a UK box has now dismissed Streetmap’s argument, statute that a inclusion of a Google Maps box during a tip of hunt formula was “not pretty expected appreciably to impact foe in a marketplace for online maps” and that Google’s control was “objectively justified” (via The Guardian).

Streetmap, while an early dignitary in a domestic mapping space, clearly could not compare a turn of resources Google was means to flow into a mapping product. So, chain issues aside, there was also a mismatch in a altogether product peculiarity — that also fundamentally incentivizes users to select one over a other. (Although, of course, if people don’t confront your product in a initial place since it is being demoted in hunt formula that’s going to have an impact too…)


Streetmap pronounced it intends to interest a High Court statute though there’s no doubt it’s a large blow to a hopes. Commenting on a judgement, Google said: “The justice finished transparent that we’re focused on improving a peculiarity of a hunt results. This preference promotes innovation.”

Streetmap pronounced a interest will concentration on dual points: firstly that a customary of explanation being demanded of tiny businesses wanting to infer anticompetitive function is too high, given they are being asked to supply information they do not have — since it is hold by the widespread company.

And secondly on the issue of non-compliance with authorised obligations. It notes that a hearing showed Google had not finished a UK marketplace exam before to introducing Google Maps, thereby suggesting a company was shirking a avocation to approve with UK law.

Streetmap is one of several mapping association reported to be on a list of complainants associated with the EU’s grave antitrust charges opposite Google. Although it is misleading either a UK High Court preference will have any temperament on a European turn antitrust box opposite Google. The dual authorised regimes are frequently during odds.

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