Published On: Tue, Aug 4th, 2015

UCLA Unveils An Augmented Reality Sandbox

The Augmented Reality Sandbox allows students to correlate with a tiny landscape, sculpting mountains, valleys, rivers and even volcanoes, with off a shelf straightforwardly accessible parts.

Gary Glesener, executive of UCLA’s Modeling and Educational Demonstrations Laboratory, gives us a debate of a lab’s Augmented Reality Sandbox. The video was constructed by Sebastian Hernandez of a UCLA Broadcast Studio.

Developed by researchers during UC Davis, a Augmented Reality Sandbox lets users carve mountains, canyons and rivers, afterwards fill them with H2O or even emanate erupting volcanoes. The UCLA device was built by Glesener and others during a Modeling and Educational Demonstrations Laboratory in a Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences, regulating off-the-shelf tools and unchanging stadium sand. Any figure done in a sandbox is rescued by an Xbox Kinect sensor and processed with open source software, afterwards projected as a color-coded contour map. Liquids upsurge over a aspect with picturesque motion.

The Augmented Reality Sandbox is mobile and can be set adult in any classroom, permitting students and researchers to see their creations come to life in tone and in genuine time.

UCLA’s AR sandbox is partial of a incomparable bid by a Modeling and Educational Demonstrations Laboratory to yield high-quality earthy models and demonstrations for undergraduate scholarship courses. Fabrication was done probable by an Instructional Improvement Grant from UCLA’s Office of Instructional Development.

Source: Christelle Snow, UCLA Newsroom

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