Published On: Fri, Jul 14th, 2017

Ubisoft Rep Says For Honor’s Low Player Count Is “Fake News”

During a new live streaming, a deputy from Ubisoft talked about a feign news with regards to a singular success of For Honor.

The conditions of For Honor is utterly particular. Like other Ubisoft titles, a initial success was afterwards followed by a delayed decrease generally as regards to a series of players. However, Ubisoft doesn’t determine that a series of players in a diversion is during an all-time low.

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In fact, recently during a live streaming a Ubisoft deputy directly talked about some problems with a servers and has forked out that they are rolling out a patch really soon.

“[The patch] is rolling out now, over a march of a day – it takes a few hours to get to everybody,” a Ubisoft repute says. “We have a lot of players in For Honor – trust it or not, feign news people, we have a lot of players in For Honor – to hurl it out to.”

It is not a initial time that Ubisoft points to a “fake news” associated to a decrease of users concerning a pretension of For Honor. The data, in fact, are not official, though they come from third-party sites that guard Steam statistics. It is, therefore, only Valve’s height of Valve, effectively incompatible a consoles as good as Ubisoft’s possess UPlay service.

In other news, Jason VandenBerghe, artistic executive of For Honor, has deserted Ubisoft. VandenBerghe has left his position in a association to join ArenaNet, growth studio of MMO Guild Wars 2.

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The artistic executive has pronounced goodbye by a Facebook post, where he has bid farewell to Ubisoft with most affection.

I’ve had 9 extraordinary years during Ubisoft. It has been a best knowledge of my career. In many ways, we was fake by that place. we leave it full of thankfulness for all we was given a possibility to do there, a surpassing adore for all a extraordinary people who make that place what it is (imagine hundreds of FB tags here), and a splendid wish for a company’s future. we demeanour brazen to personification all y’all’s games, now and into a future. (Take good caring of For Honor, we guys! We did a good thing together. we can’t wait to see where we take it from here. 🙂 )

You can check out the examination of For Honor right here.

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