Published On: Thu, Mar 12th, 2020

Ubisoft "Exploring Other Options" As E3 2020 Closes Its Doors


With E3 2020 now strictly cancelled, diversion publishers and developers who were formulation to attend a eventuality will need to start meditative about their options. One of E3’s vital and unchanging guests, Ubisoft, has already commented on a skeleton per a event’s cancellation.

The studio has common an refurbish to amicable media, observant that it is “exploring other options for a digital experience” to keep fans adult to date with a news. This sounds like it could good be a Nintendo Direct-style display or something similar, that wouldn’t unequivocally come as most surprise.

We’ll no doubt hear some-more publishers plead their skeleton soon; we suppose that studios will be penetrating to use E3 week as an eventuality to showcase their games regardless of either or not a normal eventuality is indeed happening.

Update: As we were saying, we now have acknowledgment that Xbox will also be hosting a digital event:

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