Published On: Mon, Jun 19th, 2017

Uber Allegedly Hacked! Multiple Users Tweeting About Unjust Charges Made On Uber Account

Despite a clever confidence claims, Uber has faced most fraudulence. Adding some-more woes to Uber’s current ordeal, many users are holding to Twitter for expressing their regard over Uber comment penetrate and injustice of the credit label information stored in a app.

The association is nonetheless to endorse a penetrate conflict claims, though users are losing their ease over a issue. Many are advising other Uber users to mislay their credit label sum from a app. Twitter is buzzing with mixed users stating unfair charges on their Uber account. It means that hackers are misusing a credit label information stored in Uber app and charging them for services that they never used.

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A user from a UAE tweeted,“Hey @Uber_UAE @Uber @Uber_Support my comment has been hacked. It shows a Russian name and my Dubai label usually got charged!”

While another Uber user named Nigel tweeted,“@Uber_Support HELP, my sister’s comment has been hacked, and some stupidly vast uber cooking charges have been practical to her account.”

Another user Marissa Villa was charged $400 on her Uber comment for services she never used. On perplexing to undo her account, Uber support stirred her to compensate a superb change first. Marissa is not a usually user confronting superb charges; mixed users are struggling with identical issues. Users from all over a universe are tweeting about a unfortunate remuneration activity on their Uber account.

Remove your credit label information

These are usually a few of a tweets from a whole thread; we can check a rest here. It is unsettling to see Uber not responding to all a complaints pouring in about fake charges. Well, if Uber has indeed suffered a confidence crack afterwards it will be usually correct to mislay credit label information from a app.

Are we an Uber user? Did we notice any abnormalities in your account? Share your views with us in a comments territory below.

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