Published On: Thu, Jan 25th, 2018

Two Sonos One speakers now cost $349 – a same as one Apple HomePod

Sonos is charity a special singular understanding for a new Sonos One intelligent speaker, that works with Amazon’s Alexa right now, and is gaining support for Google Assistant in a destiny update: You can buy dual for $349, that is a same cost as one of Apple’s HomePod Siri-enabled speakers. This is expected not a coincidence.

Individually, a Sonos One retails for $199, so we get a $50 bonus when we buy two. Sonos has offering identical pricing on a Sonos Play:1 in a past, though a bonus on a new One means we get a newer model, with ambient microphone and intelligent partner capabilities thrown into a mix.

Reviews so distant have praised a Sonos One rarely for both a sound peculiarity and a Alexa integration. Many have called it a best intelligent orator now available. Apple might give Sonos a run for a income when it comes to sound peculiarity with a HomePod, that goes adult for pre-sale this Friday and starts shipping on Feb 9, though Sonos has some-more coherence when it comes to operative with several song services, and ancillary opposite intelligent voice agents (with arguably some-more smarts than Siri, too).

Two Sonos One speakers for a cost of one HomePod also has other advantages: You can put a intelligent speakers in opposite rooms, of course, though we can also set them adult as a stereo pair, and grasp loyal stereo sound subdivision that will make for improved altogether peculiarity vs. carrying mixed tweeters packaged into a same singular section spaced not really distant apart.

Kudos to Sonos for spotting an event left open by a aspirant and capitalizing quickly. The Sonos One will also get AirPlay 2 harmony in 2018, Sonos announced previously, so your well-served even if you’re an Apple device and use user generally.

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