Published On: Thu, Mar 23rd, 2017

Two Separately Leaked Xiaomi Mi6 Images Show A Dual Camera And Aluminum Frame For Device

It’s no warn that Xiaomi’s got a device watchful to be launched this year. The company’s Mi lineup is due a large ascent and 2017 only competence be a time for it. 10nm processors will spin a normal for manufacturers and Xiaomi’s also rumored to take advantage of this fact. The company’s Mi6 is rumored with both a Snapdragon 835 and a Snapdragon 821. Today, we’ve got twin purported images of a smartphone for you. Take a demeanour next to find out more.

Leaked Xiaomi Mi6 Images Show Aluminum Frame And Dual Camera Sensor

Not a lot of sum are accessible for a Mi6. Current leaks advise a 5.2 in. shade for a device. Sources also pattern that a association will deliver a 2.5D arrangement on a flagship smartphone. This will follow a trend of this year’s flagships, as side bezels for a shade will be non-existent. Now, rumors associated to a twin camera setup on a Mi6 have started to boost in number. Just yesterday we saw a integrate of box images that betrothed a underline for a device.

Today, we’ve got twin actual, leaked images of a device. If they spin out to be authentic, afterwards a Xiaomi Mi6 will resemble Apple’s iPhone 4s in pattern terms. While a initial picture isn’t that clear, a second is. It shows an aluminum support for a Mi6, with a potion back. In both a images, during a tip left you’ll see a twin camera sensor. It’s a underline that’s already flush for a Mi6 in progressing leaks.

Other specifications for a Xiaomi Mi6 embody 4GB of RAM and a 19MP fortitude for a back camera. Of course, if a rumors about a twin camera bear fruit, afterwards we’re going to have twin opposite resolutions for a device. Xiaomi is also rumored to launch twin reward smartphones these year. One of these, launched early, will residence a Snapdragon 821.

The second, launched after on, will residence a 10nm Snapdragon 835. Price tab for a Mi6 is rumored to be absurdly low. Current information pegs a device with a underling $400 cost tag. If that does spin out accurate and Xiaomi launches a Mi6 with a 835, a device will be an present success. After all who wouldn’t wish a Snapdragon 835 smartphone that costs next $400? But such a move, given a Mi6’s other purported specifications is rarely uneconomic. Thoughts? Let us know what we consider in a comments section. We’ll keep we updated on a latest.

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