Published On: Mon, Sep 4th, 2017

Twitter’s new pointless notifications are awful and we hatred them

About a month ago, Twitter rolled out a new underline that would uncover we a garland of pointless shit in your notifications tab.

For example, if a integrate of people that we follow favourite a tweet, it’d uncover adult in your notifications tab. If someone followed someone else, boom! There it was in your notifications tab. If people we follow start tweeting about a same subject or article… well, we get a gist.

I get it. Twitter is unfortunate for engagement. The association posted 328 million sum users for Q2 2017, that happens to be a same volume of users a association reported in Q1. Stocks fell 12 percent. It was a really bad day.

So it’s not startling that Twitter would demeanour to Facebook, that does a same thing and usually continues to growh, and consternation “What if?”

I’m certain that Twitter’s rendezvous is adult given of a switch, that translates to them as: random-ass notifications = good thing.

If people are engaging, they must adore a new notifications, right?


Most amicable media use is narcissistic. You post content, like other people’s content, and they like yours, and so a cycle continues.

There are unstinting reasons to get on Twitter. Boredom is a large one. I’m also now drawn to Twitter during real-time crises or events. But a many absolute reason to open adult Twitter, during slightest for me, is a pull presentation about someone interacting with my tweets.

From what I’ve seen given a roll-out, Twitter’s ‘random’ notifications feel a bit some-more discreet than Facebook’s, that clearly embody all a activity of one’s Facebook friends, from posted a picture, to done a comment, to altered a form picture, etc.

Still, there is an easy choice to clogging adult Twitter notifications with things about other people: a Instagram way.

Instagram is not though a possess engagement-seeking flaws — we still disgust a algorithmic feed — though a notifications add-on on Instagram is distant into dual tabs: me and following. Following shows a activity of folks that we follow, such as their likes, their new follows, and comments. The “me” add-on shows things that has to do with we and your posts.

Another gripe: it’s one thing to put notifications about other people in a notifications feed, and it’s a totally opposite (and outrageous) thing to put in a pull notification.

That said, Twitter has during slightest implemented a approach to “See less” of these forms of notifications, that we can entrance by clicking a down arrow in a tip right dilemma of a notification.

Knowing full-well that this defence will tumble on deaf ears, we impetus onward:

Twitter, we plead you. Don’t intermix a notifications add-on of your platform. You exclude postpone or ban 45 (whether for a right or a wrong reasons), and he must be assisting your engagement. Don’t use something as dedicated as a notifications add-on to get improved engagement. Don’t retaliate those of us who frequently use your service. Use him, instead.

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