Published On: Thu, Feb 11th, 2016

Twitter’s Monthly User Count Actually Shrunk If You Exclude SMS

It was bad adequate that Twitter’s sum user count is stranded during 320 million with 0 expansion this quarter. But if we don’t count “SMS Fast Followers”, or people that usually use Twitter around calm summary and don’t see ads, a monthly user count went down from 307 million to 305 million monthly active users in Q4. In a U.S., Twitter’s sum monthly user count fell from 66 million to 65 million

Considering this gain news was all about obliging Wall Street about Twitter’s expansion and income prospects, this is a terrible sign. Twitter’s share cost was down over 7% mins after a Q4 2015 gain were released before recuperating a bit to be 3% down.

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SMS Fast Followers typically come from building universe markets like Brazil and India. While removing users bending around SMS could make a use some-more entire and lift network effect, Twitter will need to eventually transition them to a chronicle of a use where it shows ads.

For comparison, Facebook had blockbuster gain in partial given it’s managed to monetize a building world, augmenting income per user in a Rest Of World segment by 29.8% to $1.22 in Q4, and quadrupling it given 2012.

Twitter Earnings

During a gain call, CFO Anthony Noto pronounced that daily active user count was prosaic and did not decrease notwithstanding a core monthly active user decline. He insisted that this says “The users we mislaid from a MAUs were not as high quality”. He presumably means that given they usually visited spasmodic any month, they substantially didn’t see many ads or expostulate most income or calm origination for a service.

Noto partly blamed a core monthly user count decrease on a fact that “We done a unwavering preference to revoke a series of emails to asleep users.” He also pronounced that Q4 is historically Twitter’s misfortune entertain and “this entertain was no different”.

Still, he says that rendezvous on a height in a form of retweets, DMs, and other signals are positive. Plus, Twitter says that “As of a finish of January, we’ve seen MAUs lapse to Q3 levels”, definition core Twitter has risen behind to 307 million.

twitter-featureThe decrease in users of core Twitter means Moments, a large pull to make Twitter some-more now constrained to new users and a mainstream, hasn’t changed a needle. Twitter even ran costly radio commercials compelling Moments. But it seems many people still consider of Twitter as a niche product for news junkies and luminary watchers.

We’re finally saying all a years of bad new user onboarding and successive shake come behind to punch Twitter. Even when it creates poignant changes, many who sealed adult and couldn’t get a hang of Twitter won’t give it a second chance. Along those lines, today’s rather pointed change to a grouping of timelines competence not assistance either.

Twitter competence need a massive, now tangible change to a elemental mechanics to enthuse growth. Otherwise, it will have to rest on creation ads bigger, bolder, and some-more interruptive to fist some-more income out of any user it already has.

Perhaps a usually truly splendid indicate in Twitter’s gain is that it’s next during this.  It managed to lift a normal income per user 35% this year from $1.48 to $2. Rather than perplexing to force growth, Twitter competence be means to trade on a faithfulness of long-time users by subjecting them to some-more assertive promotion and anticipating they hang around.

Hear because Twitter’s aged onboarding flaws caused a stream expansion problem

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