Published On: Thu, Feb 8th, 2018

Twitter’s fourth-quarter results: The TechCrunch Review

Here during TechCrunch, we cover association gain on a flattering unchanging basis. And we guarantee it’s for a good reason: The success and disaster of these publicly-traded companies tends to give us during least one some-more information indicate when it comes to calibrating that technologies are sparkling to investors, as good as a arena of those technologies.

One of a favorite companies to cover, Twitter, reported theirs this morning during an alarmingly early time for West Coast record writers and reporters. We’ll cut a East Coast a mangle given it’s only 7 a.m. when they come out. But during a same time we are spooky with digging by these numbers given it’s such a uncanny association to follow, where fluctuating an submit box from 140 characters to 280 characters is deliberate an earth-shattering product change.

(To be sure, by Twitter standards, it unequivocally is. Tweetstorms were always awful and we will never pardon Marc Andreessen for creation them a thing.)

So we reviewed a sum of that information this morning and listened to them speak about some promotion things on a gain call — a discussion call that any association generally binds after any news to concede analysts to answer their questions and are asked to extent themselves to one follow-up (which never happens).

But, given it’s Twitter, we should examination a review. The mechanics of a lot of gain calls are generally flattering meh, unless Elon Musk is on a phone and he talks about how promulgation a automobile careening into an asteroid belt is a embellishment for a company’s ability to accommodate prolongation targets. Twitter unequivocally wasn’t that many of an exception, with questions on a gain call limited to flattering automatic elements of a company’s business outward of a doubt seeking about either they will indeed speak about daily active users.

They did, indeed, not speak about daily active users. But we did get this overwhelming draft about how daily active users have grown year-over-year, that we’ve mentioned a integrate times that we substantially need some-more information about this chart to make heads or tails of it. Here’s that unequivocally good chart, in all a glory:

There are a integrate things about this draft (and some of a other charts, too). The initial is that this thing unequivocally needs a Y-axis label. We’d cite a grid with some numerical values, yet overtly during this indicate only a tag will do. The whole “y/y” content on a tip substantially dovetails with a company’s enthusiastic proceed to cramming as many information into as few characters as possible, yet on this slip display we feel like a titles can be a small some-more robust. We’ll give points for a tone scheme, though, as it does a good pursuit of staying on brand. As a whole, Twitter’s gain display does have a lot of charts, and those charts do mangle down a theme matter flattering well, all things considered.

As always, early-morning Earnings Twitter is unequivocally good Twitter. Here are some highlights:

The batch exploded after Twitter expelled a report, as it finally seems to be creation some income even yet a user expansion was fundamentally flat. So saying a batch draft that has a lot of straight lines, either it’s a large burst or a descending off a cliff, is always flattering fun given it shows only how flighty these companies are and how exposed they are to movement swings in their business. Twitter had a large run during a finish of 2017 and for now is indeed value some-more than Snap, that is something we should substantially come to design during this point.

Seriously, only demeanour during a chart. There’s a lot going on in that chart!

The final explanation we’d like to supplement here is a audio call quality. When we demeanour during Google, that was a colonize in gain audio call peculiarity that was not a live-streamed video chronicle of a call, it’s unequivocally not excusable during this indicate to have a kind of hairy sound entrance from your web browser that many companies’ calls have. Even Apple has managed to arrange it out in such a approach that they have good fealty on their gain calls, yet we have to open Safari for them (if you’re a Chrome user this is kind of annoying).

The categorical issue, as we always have, is this thing is during 4 a.m. on a West Coast. In a grand intrigue of things this is kind of a nitpick yet during a same ti-falls defunct on desk.

Things seem to have been all right as a whole. Here’s a final verdict:


Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m gonna run to The Creamery for some-more coffee. Have a good morning, everyone.

Featured Image: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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