Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Twitter’s Apple Watch app has disappeared

The large Twitter news now might be a enlargement of tweets to support 280 characters instead of only 140, though a series of Twitter users recently speckled another important change, as well: a Twitter Apple Watch app has disappeared. The app’s iTunes App Store page no longer records harmony with a Apple Watch, and users who have updated to a latest versions of iOS and watchOS note a Twitter Watch app is no longer accessible on their smartwatch.

Specifically, with a rollout of a Twitter for iOS (version 7.8) iOS app, a Apple Watch app was removed, we understand.

Twitter would not be a initial vital tech association to stop ancillary a Apple Watch around a local app. Several vital app makers, including Google, have deserted Apple’s smartwatch height in new months. For example, Google pulled support for Google Maps on a Apple Watch progressing this year, and retailers including Amazon and eBay did a same.

The plea for these watch apps in some cases has to do with a fact that a smartwatch is not indispensably a ideal height for normal mobile app use – like shopping, for example. But with Google, it was expected also too formidable to contest with a better-integrated Apple Maps app that’s designed to work with Apple’s wearable.

But those removals went mostly unnoticed, that indicated that maybe these apps weren’t as heavily used as a companies had hoped when a Apple Watch app store initial launched.

Twitter’s dismissal from Apple Watch, however, isn’t accurately drifting underneath a radar.

It seems that during slightest some Apple Watch owners appreciated a ability to check their feed and respond from their Watch’s interface. Many are expressing their concerns and complaints about a app’s removal, too – on Twitter itself, naturally. (And in reduction than 280 characters!)

Reddit and MacRumors also beheld a app’s disappearance.

Unlike selling apps or other amicable apps, like Facebook or Instagram, Twitter’s network has a clarity of immediacy that creates it a softened fit for a height that’s about coercion of notifications – that is, those that are value a interruption.

Plus, Twitter’s iOS app authorised we to make granular adjustments to a forms of notifications we receive, so removing pushes on your Apple Watch didn’t turn strenuous or feel spammy. And, a app would not pull notifications to both your Watch and iPhone during a same time – it would select to send them to a height you’re now using.

However, we know that all is not mislaid for Twitter users who are Apple Watch owners as a partial of this change – in fact, a notifications knowledge should be improved. While a dismissal of a Apple Watch app removes a ability to crop Twitter from a Watch, notifications will indeed have some-more context than before.

That’s since they’re now mirroring a iPhone notifications. That means you’ll see who sent a respond or DM and what it said, and can afterwards respond.

Twitter would not criticism directly on a app’s removal, though offering a matter about notifications that hints during a change in concentration to mirroring over a use of a local app.

“We listened from people that notifications were a many useful partial of a Apple Watch Twitter experience. With this, we are focusing on ancillary some-more robust, media-rich notifications. We are committed to providing a really best Twitter knowledge on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch, and we’ll continue to iterate and urge the apps opposite all platforms,” pronounced Dan Jackson, a Twitter spokesperson.

Image credit: Twitter app screens/descriptions, around WatchAware

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