Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Twitter trials expanding tweets from 140 characters to 280

Twitter for a initial time is expanding over a 140-character limit, a association announced today. The amicable network says it will now try out a longer extent of 280 characters in name languages, including English, in sequence to concede people to share their stretched thoughts though using out of room to tweet.

The underline will primarily be done accessible to a tiny organisation of users for a time being, as a enlargement is deliberate some-more of a exam than a large, open rollout for now.

The association says that it came to a preference to enhance a impression count since it satisfied a impression count reduction some-more heavily impacted those tweeting in some languages — like English, Spanish, Portuguese or French — as compared with others, like Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

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As a association explains around a blog post, a latter organisation could communicate about double a volume of information in one character, compared with a former. Twitter afterwards complicated what that meant, in terms of twitter length in several regions, and found that usually 0.4 percent of tweets in Japanese have 140 characters, though a incomparable (9) percent of English tweets did.

It also found that many Japanese tweets are 15 characters on average, compared with 34 characters for many English-language tweets.

Because of this, a new, 280-character extent will usually hurl out to those languages influenced by “cramming,” that Twitter says is all languages except Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

The change is a important pierce for a amicable network, whose users for years have been debating a merits of an stretched impression count.

While some have argued that doing so would make Twitter feel reduction limiting and some-more approaching to inspire longer conversations, others have pronounced that Twitter’s concentration on abruptness is a biggest differentiator, and, in fact, a really hint of a service.

Twitter, for a part, has historically nixed a idea.

Just final year, for example, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responded to a news that Twitter was contrast a 10,000-character extent for tweets by observant that a 140-character extent was “a pleasing constraint” and that Twitter “will never remove that feeling.”

In some-more new months, however, a association has started to stretch itself from a 140-character extent — a pierce it done since a use is now frequently used to share posts that extend over usually text. With Twitter’s ability to horde photos, GIFs, polls, video and quoted tweets, it indispensable a proceed to concede users to both post media and their thoughts, all in a same tweet.

In Spring 2016, Twitter stopped counting that arrange of media toward a impression count, afterwards this Mar some-more controversially altered a inlet of how @replies worked on a service. Again, a idea with a change was to giveaway adult some-more space in tweets for users’ possess thoughts and comments — this time, by relocating a @reply out of a tweet’s content margin to turn a square of metadata instead.

New Twitter harmonise shade no longer shows impression count

Alongside this change, Twitter is also updating a user interface so it no longer depends down a characters until we nearby a end. Instead, a round will fill in as we proceed a limit, and we won’t know how many characters we have left until usually 20 sojourn (or 10 for Japanese, Chinese and Korean denunciation users).

As to because Twitter is finally dipping a toe in a H2O of a longer content extent during last, that answer is settled in Twitter’s announcement.

“In all markets, when people don’t have to squeeze their thoughts into 140 characters and indeed have some to spare, we see some-more people tweeting,” a association says.

(A Twitter orator simplified to us that this bargain is not a outcome of carrying already publicly beta tested a 280-character count, though rather a observations of how opposite denunciation users tweet. That is, in markets where there’s some-more room to tweet, people twitter more.)

Twitter product changes haven’t impacted growth

The large design here is that Twitter hopes that by creation a use reduction confounding to use — with things like capricious impression boundary on tweets — some-more people will use Twitter. And “more people” is something a amicable network needs right now, given a prosaic user expansion and declines in income and a ad business.

But during a finish of a day, it might not be technical stipulations or their dismissal that’s negligence Twitter’s growth. It’s a fact that, notwithstanding a efforts to moment down on abuse, many still see a amicable network as a too-public forum for attacks, trolling and other sorts of mistreatment. (This isn’t during all aided by Trump’s continued use of Twitter to broadly goblin naysayers and make threats of war.)

Beyond this, Twitter has struggled to military a height in other ways — like doing a bot problem, for example, or creation certain that ads from neo-Nazis don’t uncover up.

It also has abandoned a tip product ask from users for years: a ability to revise tweets. (But “never contend never,” we’re told, when asked if this would ever arrive.)

Twitter says a new 280-character count will primarily be accessible to a small, randomized though deputy organisation of Twitter users on iOS, Android and desktop web. The exam is not approaching to final prolonged — usually weeks — before Twitter skeleton to make a preference per a broader rollout.

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