Published On: Fri, Dec 16th, 2016

Twitter tests pattern that ditches retweet idol for “sharing”

Twitter ditched a stars in preference of hearts to “like” Tweets, and now, to get some-more people regulating Twitter, it is considering replacing a iconic “Retweet” button. TechCrunch has schooled and reliable that Twitter has been contrast a new chronicle of a mobile app that drops a stream Retweeting icon, along with a arrow for replying to a tweet, and respectively replaces them with a round icon for “sharing” options and a debate bubble:


These are a current icons, for reference:


Twitter reliable a exam to us, adding that it was perplexing to see how it altered function on a site.

“We’re contrast new icons on Tweets to weigh how this impacts a approach that people use Twitter,” a orator pronounced in an email.

With the new pity button, a stream dual choices of “Retweet” and “Quote Tweet” will be protracted by dual some-more options. As beheld by Twitter user @lasersushi and appearing here in German, a new menu is Retweet, Quote Tweet, Send by Direct Message, and Share Tweet (taking we to a common menu to share that we get today).


This is not a initial time that Twitter has mulled replacing retweets with sharing. Back in 2014, it also toyed with a idea, although, it seems, though a change to its iconography.

The retweet has been a core partial of a Twitter knowledge from early on, as a approach to share calm you’ve seen on a use some-more easily. Twitter has done moves to refurbish it over time to inspire some-more use of it. For example, in Jun it started to let users retweet themselves.

Why exam out a new approach to share? Twitter’s test to roll adult and enhance pity options points to how a company, that now has 313 million monthly active users, has continued to try to figure out improved ways of creation a use some-more mainstream and reduction full of a possess jargon.

Critics contend that Twitter-specific terminology and special approach of doing things puts off new or sparse tweeters from regulating a use more regularly, or maybe ever entrance to a height in a initial place. Specifically, there is some difficulty among some users around a icons on a mobile apps.

And so Twitter is looking to some-more determined amicable media norms for a solution. Just as Twitter moved to a heart idol from a star to get closer to the universal tenure of “like” (versus “favorite”) as a approach of endorsing something we see on amicable media; now it’s saying if “sharing” gets some-more people to be some-more amicable with Twitter content.

It’s a same reason Twitter would change a respond arrow to a debate bubble: Twitter is looking for some-more distinct iconography, and carrying too many arrows was, again, treacherous to anyone reduction informed with Twitter over unequivocally regular, existent users. Having a debate burble icon may also infer to remind people to conflict some-more frequently, boosting rendezvous — a pivotal metric that Twitter, as an ad-based service, needs to grow (especially given user expansion has mostly been flat).

It’s interesting, incidentally, to see how Direct Messaging has been downgraded a bit in this new exam version. It’s still there as an option, though we now have to go into a pity menu to entrance it rather than directly by a pouch icon. It creates us wonder only how much that (still flattering new) DM idol is being used; and also either Twitter competence have something else adult a sleeve with DMs. (Perhaps a long-fabled, standalone Direct Messaging app?)

Direct messaging is unequivocally an area that Twitter is focusing on, nonetheless it’s tough to theory what a stream meditative competence be for where it will eventually go. Or even if there is a cohesive, larger plan during play, deliberation reports that it apparently killed off another standalone messaging plan in India.

Unsurprisingly, among some of a energy users seeing a new version, at least some don’t unequivocally know because Twitter is tweaking.

Indeed, if this gets rolled out to everybody as a permanent change, it is unlikely to be renouned among long-time users and Twitter purists. But remember that a pierce from stars to hearts was vehemently against and it is now an determined partial of Twitter, so never contend never.

In any case, this is a test, and we’ve listened from an insider that there are “a bunch” of tests that are being attempted out during a moment, so it’s anyone’s theory what competence stick. If you’ve seen something new cocktail adult in your possess Twitter experience, get in touch and tell us about it.

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