Published On: Tue, Aug 18th, 2015

Twitter Targets Media Partners To Drive Growth In Asia And The Middle East

Twitter combined only 14 million new users in a final entertain of business, and now it is creation a vast pull to grow in Asia and a Middle East, dual regions that collectively comment for over half of a planet’s internet users… and where Facebook continues to be hugely popular.

The microblogging association currently pronounced it is “investing” in working with pivotal publishers, who it hopes will gaunt on Twitter, Vine and Periscope to discharge their news and media calm and strech readers.

As partial of this new focus, Twitter announced that Rishi Jaitly has turn a new Vice President of Media for Asia Pacific and Middle East. Former U.S.-based Googler Jaitly was previously Market Director for India and Southeast Asia during Twitter. In his new role, he is charged with offered a judgment of Twitter, Vine and Periscope into edition companies and media firms opposite both regions.

Twitter pronounced that, in particular, Jaitly would enhance a media teams in Australia, India and Japan, and pull on into Greater China — mainland China and Taiwan — as good as Southeast Asia. (Interestingly, state-owned Chinese publisher Xinhua is a vast user of Twitter and it publishes daily reviews of China’s news on Facebook and Twitter — so even supervision censorship doesn’t stop intensity partnerships.)

“As many of a largest user markets are in these regions, my vital priorities are to capacitate a calm partners to grow their assembly on Twitter, boost a rendezvous with rising talent and digital natives, and move some-more reward non-English calm onto Twitter,” Jaitly pronounced in a statement. “Our idea is to make Twitter a initial and best approach to uncover we what’s function in your universe right now.”

Twitter has mostly struggled to mangle a Asian market, both in terms of accumulating vast userbases and flourishing a revenue, Japan aside. Facebook, on a other hand, is a juggernaut in this partial of a world. Despite carrying some-more than 950 million daily active users worldwide, a organisation is still flourishing a userbase in Asia — that rose from 270 million daily users in Q1 2015 to 285 million in Q2.

Yes, Facebook and Twitter are not a same — notwithstanding Wall Street’s initial expectancy that Twitter could simply obey a associate amicable network — though a fact that Facebook can continue to grow (the above total are daily users from Asia alone) should inspire other social networks that they can be successful in Asia, too. Twitter is quite good matched to mobile and it unequivocally should be doing improved in Asia and a Middle East. Time will tell either roping in big-hitting media partners can assistance perform that promise.

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