Published On: Fri, May 6th, 2022

Twitter rolls out new Spaces features, including entrance to analytics for hosts

Twitter is rolling out a series of new facilities for a live audio Spaces product this week. The amicable media hulk is giving hosts and co-hosts on iOS and Android entrance to analytics about their Spaces. For example, hosts and co-hosts can now get information about how many sum live listeners tuned in to a broadcast, how many times it was replayed and how many people spoke during a Space.

The new analytics underline was initial introduced as a exam accessible to a name series of hosts in March, though is now accessible to all hosts and co-hosts on a platform. Access to analytics will make it easier for hosts to devise their audio calm and see how many people they’re reaching.

In addition, Twitter is contrast a underline that will chatter out a Space label once hosts start a Space. Twitter says a new underline will make it easier for users to rivet with and share Spaces. The association also says a new feature, that is now rolling on both iOS and Android, should make it easier for users to see and attend in conversations. With this new feature, hosts will no longer have to manually couple to their Spaces in a chatter to foster it when starting one.

Twitter is also creation it easier for users to learn some-more about a Spaces they see during a tip of their timeline. Currently, a purple label that appears during a tip of your timeline doesn’t give we that most information about a specific Space. Starting today, some users on Android will see some-more information on a Space bar, including sum about who’s hosting, what topics are involved, who’s common a chatter and more.

The association is also creation it easier for users to follow Spaces hosts. When a Space concludes, users will now see a list of a co-hosts and speakers and have a choice to follow them. The new underline is rolling out now for both iOS and Android users.

Twitter has been introducing several Spaces facilities over a past few months to build out a offering. The association recently started contrast a new apparatus that allows name hosts to shave 30 seconds of audio from available Spaces to share them with others on Twitter. Twitter has also been operative on Spaces Recordings, a underline that will let hosts share tweets with audio recordings of past Spaces.

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