Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2015

Twitter Removes 140-Character Limit From Direct Messages So That People You Follow Can Send You Long Rambling Missives About Their Day And Stuff And Things. You Know, Like Horror Stories About Their In-Laws Or Boss. But Hey, How Are You?

They warned us behind in Jun that this day was coming. we was in denial. Surely, Twitter wouldn’t. Couldn’t.

Welp, they have.

Get prepared for people to dump a book into your DMs, given starting currently Twitter has strictly forsaken a 140-character extent in approach messages. The abruptness that we’ve enjoyed for so so long, that healthy cutting-off point…gone. Poof.

Your approach messages are about to demeanour like a content summary from a rambling drunk ex:


Twitter swears that a 140-character thing will sojourn a buttress for a rest of a service, yet does impute to longer DMs as “more absolute and fun,” that says to me that a association has simply run out of difference to report things. Because this is one of a many awful days in a story of days for my Twitter experience. Time to tighten adult those DMs from anyone. People are going to try to cram War and Peace into my DMs.

Here’s what Twitter Product Manager Sachin Agarwal pronounced about a rollout in a blog post today:

We’ll start rolling out this change currently opposite a Android and iOS apps, on, TweetDeck, and Twitter for Mac. It will continue to hurl out worldwide over a subsequent few weeks. If we can’t wait to try out longer Direct Messages, be certain you’re regulating a latest versions of a apps so we get a refurbish right away.

At slightest Twitter for Mac will get updated, that hasn’t happened given final October.

But mannnnnn….Group DMs are going to turn neverending scroll-city.


On a some-more critical note, this change does put a underline in relation with a likes of iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp and each other messaging use on a planet. To me, though, a extent is what done a underline special. To a rest of a world, it’s substantially an annoyance, and Twitter needs reduction “me” and some-more of a “rest of a world” pronto.

Perhaps Twitter is prepping for a launch of a standalone DM app and this was one of a final technical issues that stood in a approach of doing positively extraordinary 3D charcterised stickers and things — a likes of that we’ve never seen before.

Ugh. I’m perplexing here. At slightest it’s not an revise symbol for tweets.

Can’t wait for a initial inebriated magisterial boring (up to 10,000 characters!) slip into my DMs:


I’d be happier with operative charcterised GIFs in approach messages.

Featured Image: biscuitsmlp/Flickr UNDER A CC BY 2.0 LICENSE

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