Published On: Wed, Feb 10th, 2016

Twitter Plans Changes To @Replies And Other Confusing Rules

Twitter can be an impossibly treacherous use for new and existent users, and Twitter says it’s now formulation to residence some manners that competence make it unwieldy.

In a company’s minute to shareholders, a association pronounced that changes were entrance to manners like a @reply and a .@name syntax. We don’t know what that looks like usually yet, though that a association skeleton to residence that seems poignant and in-line with what a association has attempted to do newly — make a use reduction treacherous and some-more savoury to some-more infrequent and new users.

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This, in theory, will during slightest residence a “Twitter Canoe” problem — as some-more and some-more people raise into a conversation, their @reply handles take adult characters so any person’s respond has be shorter and shorter until it’s fundamentally unfit to communicate formidable thought.

Many consider that @names shouldn’t take adult impression depends in replies. If Twitter done this change, people would always have 140 characters to use in their contention no matter how many people are partial of a thread.

Twitter Canoe

As some-more people join an @ respond thread, their handles take adult some-more of a 140 impression extent until people can usually supplement little responses


Similarly, it’s common to see reduction savvy Twitter users incidentally start tweets with someone’s @name. This creates a twitter a respond that usually shows adult to their mutual supporters with a people they mentioned. Users have to know to put a . or opposite impression other than @ during a commencement of their twitter to make certain it goes out to all their followers. Twitter could give some apparent visible denote to people about either they’re about to tell a twitter or a reply.

Twitter reported a fourth-quarter gain currently where user expansion was flat, and incompatible SMS quick supporters user growth, core Twitter indeed fell. That means Twitter has to do whatever it can to make it easier to figure out for new users so it can reanimate growth.

We’re listening in on a gain call for some-more information about a intensity changes of these rules.

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