Published On: Tue, Oct 10th, 2017

Twitter launches ‘Happening Now’ to showcase tweets about events, starting with sports

Twitter is currently releasing a new underline called “Happening Now” directed to make a use some-more permitted to newcomers by highlighting groups of tweets about a topic, commencement with sports, before expanding to other areas like party and violation news. If this sounds identical to Twitter’s existent Moments feature….well, it is.

Moments, too, offers a approach to learn some-more about a given timely subject opposite a series of categories, like Sports, News and Entertainment.

But Twitter Moments are a curated preference of tweets that tell a story, while Happening Now will take users to a dedicated timeline of tweets compared to a eventuality during hand. Moments are also mostly some-more visual, featuring images and videos, that is because they’ve been likened to Twitter’s chronicle of Snapchat or Instagram’s “Stories.”

In a demo of a new underline posted to a central @Twitter account, there are Happening Now events for MLB, NBA, and NFL games shown during a tip of a Twitter timeline. You can appropriate horizontally by these events, any decorated with a pretension (e.g. “NFL Giants vs. Buccaneers”) and an image.

When we daub into a diversion to see more, a tide measure appears during a tip of a customized timeline containing real-time tweets about a event.

Twitter, of course, already offers ways to balance into live events around a network, including around a live video streams of an event, as good as by following an event’s hashtag – like #wwdc for Apple’s Developer conference, for instance.

Happening Now, though, builds on tip of Twitter’s bargain of how to arrange tweets compared with an event, like live video. The tweets will arrangement algorithmically in these new tradition Happening Now timelines.

What’s engaging about this new doing is that it’s not wholly hashtag dependent, it seems.

In a brief demo Twitter shared, some tweets did anxiety hashtags compared to a eventuality during palm – a Giants vs. Bucs diversion – like #Giants, #GiantsFan, #Buccaneers, and #GoBucs. However, other tweets usually referenced a compare adult in plain text, infrequently even vaguely. For instance, one twitter in a tide simply read: “Man oh male we am during a corner of my seat.”

This is not a initial (nor expected a last) time Twitter will try to make a use some-more useful to newcomers who only wish to follow topics, not people. Last year, it updated a homepage for logged-out users so they could dive into several categories like News, Sports, Music, Entertainment, and more; and perspective Moments and other featured tweets.

It also revamped a Explore territory progressing this year to assistance users find videos, trends, and Moments in a singular tab.

Though Happening Now might interest to newbies who don’t wish to emanate customized lists, lane hashtags, or figure out who to follow to follow applicable news on Twitter, it’s also expected to harry longtime Twitter users. Many currently feel like their timelines are being invaded by ever some-more facilities they don’t need – either that’s “While You Were Away” updates, or those that surprise we of engaging links and trends Twitter thinks you’d like to know about.

With all these facilities and algorithmic suggestions, Twitter is losing a bit of a morality – ironically, in an bid to be “easier” to use.

Twitter says Happening Now is rolling out on iOS and Android starting today.

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