Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2017

Twitter launches “Explore,” a new home for Moments, trends, hunt and live video

Twitter’s Moments feature, that allows users to tell stories by a collection of tweets, is no longer going be front-and-center in a Twitter application. Instead, Twitter will today replace a Moments territory with a new add-on called “Explore.” This area will offer as a home for anticipating out what’s function on Twitter, including trends, Moments, search, and featured live video streams.

The change will start to hurl out to Twitter users on iOS today, and will make a approach to Android in a weeks ahead. It will also eventually come to a web, a association tells us, though that’s not Twitter’s evident priority.


Moments launched in 2015, and was meant to offer as Twitter’s possess take on short-form calm – a kind of thing that’s renouned on other amicable apps – like Snapchat’s and Instagram’s Stories, for example. But Moments take some-more time to create, as we have to initial find a tweets we wish to collect around search, by adding links, or by pulling them from a specific comment or your favorites. That could have put off some users, heading to a feature’s some-more minimal adoption.

Twitter initial began contrast a deputy for a Moments add-on with a tiny commission of a users over a past few months, and found that people favourite Explore improved since it was easier to find a news, what’s trending, and what’s now popular. The formula of those early tests speedy Twitter to hurl a underline out some-more broadly.

Explore’s add-on will indeed change out of a core position that Moments once hold in the bottom navigation bar. This core mark will now underline Notifications instead, with Explore only to a left.


The new territory will give Twitter a improved approach to prominence Moments or live video, as it includes a incomparable header that can underline possibly of these items.

Below that is a “Trending Now” section, followed by “Today’s Moments,” and afterwards an “Explore All” area where we can excavate into specific categories like News, Sports, Entertainment or Fun.

In addition, it gives Twitter a approach to foster live video – something it helped to colonize on amicable by a launch of Periscope. But in new days, Twitter added live video streaming directly in its categorical application, that has some wondering if Periscope will be excised from Twitter, too – generally given that the company upheld a developer height Fabric over to Google, and close down a video shave village Vine.


Explore will also give Twitter a distinguished mark to showcase a live streamed events, like its NFL games, red runner pre-shows, and numerous other news and sports events it continues to move to a use by a consistent tide of partnership deals.

Before, these events have been some-more formidable to find, that could have impacted their viewership numbers. Being means to underline them in prominently in Explore will expected move in some-more live tide viewers.

Overall, this change creates clarity in terms of usability since it centralizes entrance to all a facilities that help you find out what’s function now – and for a real-time network like Twitter, that feels like a improved fit than Moments.

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