Published On: Sat, Dec 17th, 2016

Twitter Is Transitioning Vine Into A Standalone ‘Vine Camera’ App

In Oct of this year, Twitter strictly concurred that it would be shutting down a Vine amicable network platform. However, it seems a association has other skeleton for a platform. Twitter is now changing march of a Vine app and is now transitioning it into a Vine Camera. Lets see some some-more sum on Twitter re-positioning a Vine app into a standalone camera app. Moreover, lets see what a new standalone app will be means of and what facilities does it have in store for users.

Vine To Be Transitioned Into A Standalone Vine Camera App?

By a looks of it, we can contend that Twitter is not wholly shutting down a Vine app, yet is positioning it in a opposite approach to keep a hint of a height alive. While a lot of users were unhappy on Twitter shutting down Vine, a association did see it fit to explode a platform, during first. However, it’s not like that, entirely.

With a new standalone Vine Camera app, users will still be means to emanate brief six-second videos that will loop. This is a same aspect of a app that a association focused on a Vine amicable network. Moreover, users will also be means to save those six-second videos to their iPhone’s camera roll. In further to this, we will also have a choice accessible to share a brief videos directly to Twitter.

If we desired a remaining facilities of a Vine app, it is unsatisfactory to note that they will not be creation their approach to a new Vine Camera app. So a new iteration of a Vine app is flattering most pathetic from this point. Twitter’s ground here is to concede users to continue regulating Vine, while a amicable media aspect of a app is to be changed to a primogenitor Twitter app.

The Vine group remarkable in a blogpost, “In a entrance days we’re also rolling out a approach to make it easy for your Vine supporters to follow we on Twitter.” It also remarkable that a Vine clips is now accessible to download from website as good as from within a app.

It’s good to see that a association is gripping a Vine name alive in a form of a standalone camera app, even yet it loses most of a amicable media aspect. You will be means to get your hands on a Vine Camera someday in January.

This is  it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Twitter transitioning Vine to a standalone Vine Camera app? Share your thoughts with us in a comments.


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