Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2015

Twitter Is Testing Funky New Photo And Video Editing Tools

It looks like Twitter is formulation to give a users a lot some-more creativity in the print and video dialect soon. That’s according to countless images posted by Taylor Swift, Pharrell Williams and others popstars, who seemed to have entrance to unreleased modifying features from Twitter during MTV’s VMA awards uncover this weekend.

Lara Cohen, who is Twitter’s Director of Entertainment Talent, highlighted the new photos with tweets that pragmatic (and clearly confirmed) that a stars were roadtesting something new. It isn’t transparent if this is a standalone app, or just an prolongation of a photo/videos facilities inside Twitter’s mobile apps. Photo functionality is limited to filters and gathering right now and Twitter usually combined local video capture on mobile this year. Nonetheless, it looks like you might soon be means to supplement stickers, your possess doodles, content and more to photos and brief video clips.

(@jinen, that is enclosed in Cohen’s tweet, is a hoop belonging to Twitter Product Manager Jinen Kamdar — another spirit during something that is, or has been, in development.)

So what is Twitter cooking up?

Here are some of a video clips and photos that Swift and co created:

Twitter private a metadata that shows that app a twitter is posted from (it was once useful for sleuthing) from many clients, yet it stays in tact for TweetDeck. Interestingly though, Swift’s video tweets don’t uncover adult as being from any customer in TweetDeck (here’s a screenshot) that we could take to meant it is from a new app. Perhaps… maybe.

Regardless, it looks like Twitter is zoning in on photos and video. We know people like emoji and stickers, and putting those options right into camera could increase engagement and remonstrate users to post photos on Twitter instead of (or in further to) Instagram, Facebook and other amicable networking apps. Instagram, in particular, has grown into a juggernault. With 300 million active users, a Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is already bigger than Twitter. It just began permitting mural and landscape photos for a initial time, yet offers zero utterly like stickers or content overlays.

We’ve asked Twitter for some-more information about what Taylor Swift and a squad were using, and when it will be accessible for a rest of us small normals. We’ll let we know what a association says.

How about that standalone DM app next, eh Twitter?

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