Published On: Sat, May 14th, 2022

Twitter is contrast a new ‘Liked by Author’ tag for tweets

Twitter is contrast a new ‘Liked by Author’ tag that appears when a creator of a twitter likes your reply. A contributor on a TechCrunch group speckled a new tag in a Twitter Android app. A orator from Twitter reliable to TechCrunch that a association has been contrast opposite labels to assistance give people context about a tweets they see, though pronounced a amicable media hulk doesn’t have some-more to share on this specific label.

From what we can tell so far, once a author of a twitter likes a reply, it’s noted with a badge that is manifest to both a chairman who left a respond and to others observation it. Although it’s unconfirmed if a tag is being tested globally, we’re saying reports of users in several countries spotting a label.

Image Credits: Screenshot/TechCrunch

It’s value observant that a new tag is identical to TikTok’s “Liked by Creator” badge that likewise appears when a creator of a video likes a comment.

Twitter’s new tag could be troublesome for some users who see it as a daze or nonessential further to what could be an already swarming tweet. It might also seem a bit surplus when it’s displayed subsequent to a respond that usually has one like. On a other hand, some users might see it as a acquire addition, generally if they wish to showcase that their twitter was favourite by a important user, such as a celebrity. In addition, a new tag might also be useful in instances where a twitter has perceived countless replies and a strange print wants to prominence a few of them but carrying to directly respond to them.

Given that a tag is still in a contrast phase, it’s different if Twitter skeleton to strictly hurl it out to all users.

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