Published On: Thu, Feb 4th, 2016

Twitter Is Testing A Dedicated GIF Button On Mobile

Twitter wants we to share some-more GIFs, that’s because a association is contrast a new GIF symbol inside a mobile app.

Some propitious users are saying a symbol that appears between a camera and check icons inside the Twitter for Android app. We haven’t managed to replicate this ourselves here during TechCrunch (on Android or iOS) yet one user — Phil Pearlman — told us that pulling a symbol lets we name trending GIFs, or click by to chose formed on mood categories. That’s most like a dedicated GIF symbol inside Facebook Messenger, that pulls adult calm from Riffsy and Giphy. But during this point, we don’t know that partner/partners Twitter is operative with.

Pearlman posted a screenshot of what he saw but, right after doing so, a symbol mysteriously left from his app before he was means to yield us with screenshots. (He’s not a usually one who mislaid it.)

Twitter mostly conducts tests of new facilities and changes among tiny userbases, so there’s zero new here.

When we reached out to a association for comment, though, it supposing us with a following response.


Ha ha, we see what we did there, Twitter, 👍👏😉

Pearlman isn’t alone in saying a button, copiousness of other users are tweeting about it, and — unsurprisingly — their tweets embody GIFs, such as:

I theory that’s what we call a earnest early rollout — let’s see if/when a symbol becomes an central underline for all users.

At this indicate GIFs competence only be a bit of fun and an event to lighten adult tweets, yet there may be blurb value to them in a future. Messaging app Kik only launched a initial branded GIFs, and, with Twitter already monetizing emojis to a (reported) balance of $1 million a cocktail per brand, it seems trustworthy that GIFs could become a money-maker, too.

Featured Image: REddit

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