Published On: Fri, May 11th, 2018

Twitter is relocating a apportionment of the infrastructure to Google Cloud

Twitter currently announced a new partnership with Google that will see it relocating a apportionment of infrastructure to Google’s Cloud Platform. The pierce is another high-profile win for Google in a cloud computing market, following a new understanding with Fitbit. Specifically, Twitter says it’s relocating its cold information storage and a stretchable discriminate Hadoop clusters – something it believes it needs to do in sequence to keep scaling a business.

Currently, Twitter’s Hadoop clusters are housed in a possess earthy information centers, a association told TechCrunch. This is a comparatively tiny commission of a sum infrastructure, however – a bulk of a infrastructure will still sojourn in Twitter’s possess information centers, we understand.

Twitter declined to share a impact of a move, in terms of cost assets or financial impacts.

The association publicly announced a news in a blog post this afternoon, where it remarkable it’s been assessing a height and infrastructure needs over a past few years. It pronounced it needs to be well-positioned to keep adult with a growth.

Even yet Twitter’s user expansion has been historically flat, it sees hundreds of millions of tweets sent each day. And Twitter saw acceleration on this metric in April, which, if it continues, means even some-more daily tweets.

“The Hadoop discriminate complement is a core of a information platform, and Twitter runs mixed vast Hadoop clusters that are among a biggest in a world,” explained Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal, in a announcement. “In fact, a Hadoop record systems horde some-more than 300PB of information opposite tens of thousands of servers,” he said.

Agrawal pronounced that when a emigration is complete, it will enable “faster ability provisioning; increasing flexibility; entrance to a broader ecosystem of collection and services; improvements to security; and extended disaster liberation capabilities.”

“Architecturally, we will also be means to apart discriminate and storage for this category of Hadoop workloads, that has a series of long-term scaling and operational benefits,” he added.

Twitter isn’t observant how prolonged a emigration will take.

The pierce to Google Cloud comes during a time when there’s complicated foe among cloud use providers – and Amazon is heading in terms of revenue. Grabbing a apportionment of Twitter’s business, then, is another large name win for Google, following a partnership with Fitbit, announced only days ago.

“There is clever fixing with Twitter’s engineering plan to accommodate a final of a height and a services Google Cloud offers during a tellurian scale,” pronounced Brian Stevens, Google Cloud CTO, in a statement. “Google Cloud Platform’s information solutions and devoted infrastructure will yield Twitter with a technical coherence and coherence that a height requires, and we demeanour brazen to an ongoing technical partnership with their team.”

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