Published On: Fri, Mar 31st, 2017

Twitter is removing absolved of a egg avatar (because that will totally repair a abuse problem)

Everyone knows that Twitter has a nuisance problem. And while a use has attempted things like banning violent users (both on a proxy and permanent basis) it hasn’t unequivocally bound a problem.

Today, they’re announcing another unconditional change that fails to residence a genuine problem: they’re enormous a egg.

In a extensively post a use announced they are replacing a default egg with a unisex form design imitative a conduct and shoulders silhouette.

Beginning in 2010, all new accounts started with their default form picture as an egg. Since afterwards it has turn an constituent partial of a Twitter brand. Everyone, even non-hardcore Twitter users, know a egg. Even CNN frequently facilities a egg when they show tweets from politicians and other celebrities.

Twitter gave a garland of reasons for the switch. Some, like a fact that a some-more general form design should encourage new users to indeed upload a genuine form design of themselves, make sense.

But one reason for a switch was associated to harassment.

Specifically, Twitter said that given violent accounts mostly have a egg as a form picture, there is now “an organisation between a default egg form print and disastrous behavior.”

Gee, ya think?

What Twitter isn’t bargain is that violent tweets sent from an egg comment will now only be violent tweets sent from a silhouette account. Switching adult a form design might be putting a poultice on the problem, though it does zero to repair harassment in a prolonged run.

An abusive tweet is an abusive tweet, either it’s subsequent to an egg, a conformation or a genuine person’s avatar.

Plus, as a byproduct, Twitter is murdering off nonetheless another partial of Twitter’s singular inner denunciation and temperament — only like they did with @replies and favorites.

Don’t censure a egg, only repair a problem.

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