Published On: Fri, Jan 29th, 2021

Twitter is already operative on integrating newsletters on the site, following Revue acquisition

Twitter usually announced a merger of newsletter height Revue dual days ago, though a association has already begun to confederate a product into a website. It appears “Newsletters” will shortly be a newest further to Twitter’s sidebar navigation, alongside Bookmarks, Moments, Twitter Ads and other options. The association is also readying a approach to foster a new product to Twitter users, earnest them another approach to strech their assembly while removing paid for their work.

These commentary and others were unclosed by remarkable retreat operative Jane Manchun Wong, who dug into a website to see what a association might have in store for a newest acquisition.

According to a pop-up promotional summary in growth she found, Twitter will shortly be pitching a handful of Revue benefits, like a ability to harmonise and report newsletters, hide tweets, import email lists, investigate rendezvous and acquire income from paid followers. The messaging was clearly in early contrast (it even had a typo!), though it hints during Twitter’s incomparable skeleton to tie Revue into a Twitter height and offer as a approach for distinguished users to radically monetize their reach.

Currently, a “Find Out More” symbol on pop-up summary will route Twitter users to a Revue website Wong found.

In addition, Wong remarkable Twitter was creation “Newsletters” a new navigation choice on a Twitter sidebar menu. Unfortunately, it was not shown on a top-level menu where we now find options like Explore, Notifications, Messages or Bookmarks, though rather on a submenu we entrance from a three-dot “More” link.


The parsimonious formation between Revue and Twitter’s categorical height could potentially give a association an engaging rival advantage in a newsletters marketplace — generally as Twitter has already forsaken hints that a new audio product, Twitter Spaces, will also be used as a approach to bond with newsletter subscribers.

In a announcement, Twitter referred to “new settings for writers to horde conversations” with their readers. That expected means Twitter users would be means to not only tell newsletters with a new Twitter product, though also monetize their existent supporter base, find new readers by Twitter’s built-in features, and afterwards rivet their fans on an ongoing basement by audio chats in Spaces. Combined with a obscure of a paid newsletter price to 5%, many authors are righteously deliberation a intensity Twitter advantages. If anything during all is holding them back, it’s Twitter’s less-than-stellar repute when it comes to successfully capitalizing on some of a acquisitions.

Twitter declined to criticism on Wong’s findings, though we know these facilities are now not live on a website. Wong told us she hasn’t found any indications of Revue integrations in a Twitter mobile apps only yet.

Will this time be any opposite for Twitter?

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