Published On: Tue, Mar 28th, 2017

Twitter introduces pre-roll ads to Periscope videos

Twitter is announcing a new ad section — pre-roll ads on Periscope videos.

In a blog post, Periscope Group Project Manager Mike Folgner says a ads will seem in a approach that’s “organic to how people already devour that calm on a platform.” Basically, publishers will have a choice to run a brief video ad that plays before we watch their Periscope videos (both live broadcasts and replays) on Twitter.

The company has already been rolling out ways for advertisers to emanate tradition campaigns around live Periscope video, though a customary pre-roll ad should be a many candid option. That means it’ll substantially be used by wider operation of publishers, creators and advertisers than what we’ve seen so far.

“For creators and publishers that use Periscope to go live on Twitter each day, these pre-roll ads benefaction a new approach to monetize their video content,” Folgner writes. “For marketers, they have a new source of video promotion over what was formerly available, including ads during live streaming programs, Promoted Tweets with Periscope video, and tradition Amplify campaigns with live calm  from successful creators.”

Twitter says it will be creation Periscope pre-rolls broadly accessible to advertisers over a subsequent few months.

This is a essential time for Twitter’s ad business. Despite all a courtesy around a U.S. presidential debate (and Donald Trump’s Twitter account) ad income seemed to case during a finish of 2016 — an emanate that CEO Jack Dorsey addressed in a many new gain call, when he said, “2017 will be about simplifying and differentiating the income products.”

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