Published On: Thu, Dec 29th, 2016

Twitter introduces 360-degree video live streaming

Twitter is holding another step into removing into live video by introducing 360-degree live streams by Periscope.

Anyone on Twitter and Periscope can watch 360-degree live video, nonetheless now usually name partners can go live in 360 around Periscope, a association announced in a blog post. While it’s usually accessible for a singular series of partners for now, it creates clarity that Twitter would start rolling out a apparatus like this as live streaming becomes increasingly renouned on platforms like Facebook.

So, Twitter is perplexing to recover nonetheless another new product as it continues to try to find a new destiny for itself in 2017. This was a really severe year for Twitter, that saw itself as a theme of a intensity vital merger before those talks fell apart. Since then, Twitter has struggled to figure out new ways to grow and has usually incrementally combined new products and features.

It looks like live streamers will block a camera into a bottom of a phone in sequence to start recording and broadcasting a video, that is seen in a screenshot next taken from a video (apologies for bad quality).


With live 360 video, users can get a full constraint of what’s going on for a broadcaster’s surroundings. Right now, as it’s singular to partners, that will no doubt use this as a stadium to learn new use cases, it looks like there won’t be a ton of live 360-degree video for a bit. But this could also be a clever play to attract new influencers that it might see flocking to other platforms, giving them new collection (or toys) to play with in sequence to continue building their audience.

If we wish to review into a tea leaves a small bit here, a association post was authored by Alessandro Sabatelli, a company’s executive of AR and VR. So feel giveaway to assume as we wish while Twitter has pronounced it is starting to try opportunities in this area.

Making large changes to a height with a far-reaching assembly — in Twitter’s case, nonetheless it isn’t flourishing as quick as Facebook, one with some-more than 300 million people — is always going to be tricky. But a association needs to continue to make large bets, quite in video (it acquired Periscope), if it’s going to find a new approach to light growth.

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