Published On: Tue, Nov 3rd, 2020

Twitter hides Trump twitter aggressive Supreme Court’s preference on Pennsylvania ballots

In an choosing eve preview of what to design in a entrance days, President Trump pushed a boundary on Twitter’s election-specific policies Monday night.

In a tweet, Trump railed opposite a Supreme Court’s preference to concede Pennsylvania officials to count ballots postmarked by Election Day. The Republican celebration has waged a contemptuous authorised assault opposite voting rights via pivotal states in new weeks, a asocial bid designed to improved a sitting president’s reelection chances.

Twitter pushed behind on a president’s fake explain about Pennsylvania mail-in ballots, stealing it behind a misinformation warning that calls a twitter “disputed.” Twitter also infirm non-quote retweets, likes and replies for a dark tweet, that stays ocular though restricted.

Image Credits: Twitter

“The Supreme Court preference on voting in Pennsylvania is a VERY dangerous one,” Trump tweeted. “It will concede prevalent and violent intrigue and will criticise a whole systems of laws. It will also satisfy assault in a streets. Something contingency be done!”

Facebook did not mislay a reposted message, though did supplement a tag emphasizing a honesty of voting systems. Three hours after it was published, Trump’s Facebook post had collected 63,000 likes and 13,000 comments.

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