Published On: Wed, Nov 15th, 2017

Twitter fixes another critical problem with support for 50-character usernames

Twitter has followed adult a pierce to double a impression extent of tweets to 280 by augmenting a length of a username to 50 characters.

This is distant reduction impacting that a 280 impression expansion, and positively reduction controversial, though it competence be useful for people with longer names or those who like to supplement emojis or change their name to smart statements regularly. The name duty doesn’t change a user’s Twitter handle, that stays a same.

While Twitter’s new moves competence assistance clear engagement, there is copiousness of beating that a association has selected to concentration on cosmetic changes rather than combating long-standing problems such as abuse on a platform.

Twitter’s doing of nuisance and trolls is such that one worker motionless to take things into their possess hands and deactive President’s Trump’s comment on their final day with a association — a ultimate mic-drop-on-my-way-out.

The comment was offline for 11 mins before it was restored. The movement reportedly got a plain publicity from countless of Twitter staff behind a scenes though it left a amicable media association with egg on a face.

But hey, now we can adopt a 50-character username…

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