Published On: Thu, Mar 30th, 2017

Twitter Finally Stops Counting @Usernames In Replies Towards 140-character Limit

Twitter’s 140-character extent has always been an vitriolic limitation, but, a amicable media hulk realizes how vitriolic it is to fit your thoughts in 140-character, generally when typing a reply. The company has finally done some changes to a 140-character extent for replies. It will no longer count a username towards your 140 characters. The change is now being rolled out to a desktop chronicle and app (Android and iOS).

Well, we were available some-more decrease per a word limit, though it did give us a tiny space. Now, when we respond to someone, his/her username will not be counted in a 140-character limit. Instead, a username will seem above your reply, that will also make your chatter easier to review and purify per visibility. It also means that now we won’t see a neglected @ cluster in respond strings.

In addition, a company is also rolling out a new “Replying to” feature, that allows we to check or uncheck usernames of a people or particular we wish to keep in your conversation.

Twitter’s Product Manager Sasank Reddy pronounced in a blog post:

The updates we’re creation currently are formed on feedback from all of we as good as investigate and experimentation. In a tests of this new experience, we found that people rivet some-more with conversations on Twitter.

Our work isn’t finished – we’ll continue to consider about how we can urge conversations and make Twitter easier to use. You can find some-more sum about how replies work in a assistance center. This refurbish is rolling out now on as good as on Twitter for iOS and Android. Make certain to refurbish your app to check it out.

That’s a thing about Twitter; it rolls out tiny changes when a users are available bigger ones. It’s been perpetually given Twitterati has asked for an “edit.” button but we don’t consider that a wish would be postulated soon. Twitter’s opposition Facebook has recently rolled out a slew of poignant pattern changes packaged with new features, though all that does not seem to worry Twitter during all.

Having pronounced that, Twitter has turn an unique partial of a lives, generally with a recognition among celebs, politicians, brands, and others. Even a boss of a United States uses it as his primary apparatus to promulgate his thoughts. On a brighter side, it is operative on new collection to quell online abuse.

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