Published On: Fri, Mar 26th, 2021

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey destitute for tweeting during congressional hearing

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey got called out by Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) for tweeting during today’s congressional conference on disinformation and extremism. The tech exec’s twitter was expected expressing disappointment with a format of a hearing, that once again saw a tech CEOs forced to boil down their answers to difficult questions into elementary “yes” or “no” answers — or differently be cut off from responding. Cryptically, Dorsey this afternoon tweeted out a Twitter check with usually one question: “?” that had usually dual answers to select from: possibly a “Yes” or “No.”

His post — or amicable commentary, if we will — did not go unnoticed.

Before Rice changed into her line of questioning, that focused on platforms’ ability to radicalize U.S. veterans’ and troops use members, she asked a Twitter CEO about his tweet.

“Mr. Dorsey, what is winning — approbation or no — on your Twitter account…poll?,” asked Rice, who sat in front of colorful wallpaper lonesome with flowers, butterflies, bugs and maybe snakes (??), that we determine was one of a improved web conferencing backgrounds of a day — maybe even besting Dorsey’s preference to Zoom from his kitchen with a deftly placed blockchain time behind him. (Because of march it’s a blockchain clock. Of course.)

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“Yes,” Dorsey answered simply, in a same monotone he used via a hearing, that tends to give a sense of someone who usually can’t get worked adult over nonetheless another congressional dog-and-pony show.

“Hmmm,” Rice admonished.

“Your multitasking skills are quite impressive,” she snarked, in a tinge that did not seem to prove she was indeed impressed.

In box you’re wondering, “Yes” was winning afterwards and continues to win now, with 65.7% of a 65,626 sum votes so far, compared with a usually 34.3% who voted “No,” as of a time of writing.

Perhaps there’s some confidence left for amicable media after all?

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