Published On: Wed, Dec 20th, 2017

Twitter adds support for app-based two-factor authentication

Twitter is rolling out an refurbish to a height confidence that will concede users to occupy third-part authentication apps to accept a two-factor login authentication for their Twitter account. Twitter has offering two-factor for a prolonged while now, though it’s used a reduction secure SMS-based corroboration process excessively until now.

The third-party app support means we can use collection like Google Authenticator, Authy or Duo Mobile to determine your login instead of SMS – and all we need to get set adult is a one-time corroboration from within your logged in about on a desktop regulating your mobile Twitter app, your phone’s camera, and a singly generated QR formula to settle a tie between app and Twitter. For some-more info on how to get set up, check out Twitter’s central support request on a subject.

In box you’re wondering because you’d even wish to do this, it’s a bit some-more secure than SMS, given SMS-based dual cause is theme to hacks where enemy take over your mobile account, for instance by requesting a new SIM for your comment from a tellurian use agent. Authentication apps are harder to swipe, and can follow we even if we change numbers or remove entrance to your phone.

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