Published On: Wed, Feb 15th, 2017

Twitter adds Periscope’s live videos to the Top Trends

Twitter’s recently launched “Explore” section will now underline live videos sourced from Periscope within its “Top Trends,” a association announced yesterday. The pierce will serve confederate Twitter’s standalone live streaming app into a categorical platform, withdrawal even fewer reasons to keep a separate app dedicated to live streaming video around.

The company has been criticized for a delayed swell in integrating Periscope’s live streaming capabilities into a possess app following the acquisition of a up-and-coming live broadcasting apparatus behind in early 2015. Instead of leveraging Periscope’s record to immediately build out a possess live streaming height within Twitter, a association instead attempted to work Periscope as a apart entity – identical to how Facebook treated Instagram.

But distinct Instagram, Periscope was acquired pre-launch, so it didn’t have an existent village to build upon. It also faced heated foe from other tech giants, including Facebook and YouTube, as good as a then-newcomer startup Meerkat (which has given exited a live streaming race.)

Over a past several months, Twitter has been march editing with pleasantness to how it treats Periscope, however. In December, it launched a ability to live tide directly in Twitter itself, though carrying to open adult a Periscope app. The streams started on Twitter would also be manifest in Periscope, though a second app was no longer a requirement.

In addition, Twitter’s mobile redesign – that saw it replacing a “Moments” territory with a broader “Explore” area for hunt and find of trends, Moments, video and some-more – has also put a greater emphasis on live video. Of course, this includes those live streams Twitter now hosts by a countless media deals, like those with a NFL and other sports organizations, Dick Clark Productions for several red runner events, media outlets for domestic and business news coverage, and more.

Now, it will daub into Periscope to foster a live streams from particular users as well.

These streams will be found in a “Top Trends” territory within Explore, that is where we can crop a tip hashtags and keyword searches that are now floating adult on Twitter’s network. When live videos are holding place in one of those trending sections, they will be marked with a bright, red “LIVE” tag for easy spotting.

When we watch a video, you’ll have a same knowledge as in Periscope – with a ability to heart and criticism on a video content, as good as retweet.

Whether or not live video is accessible won’t change a preference of trends, apparently. As of a time of writing, nothing of a tip trends are featuring live video. However, in a box of violation news, it will be easier to “tune in” to a live calm on Twitter, pleasantness of this new feature.

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