Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

Twitter adds a symbol so we can thread your showering thoughts

Hold that chatter — and addition another one.

Twitter is adding a new underline for mobile users to make it easier to couple diluted ‘shower thoughts’ together — and another thing styleee.

Per 9to5Mac, a underline — that Twitter tweeted about yesterday — is solemnly rolling out to a iOS app. (At a time of essay we speckled it in Europe.)

The underline lets we lift down as you’re component a chatter to addition to your prior chatter by formulating a thread or saying a ‘continue thread’ option.

Tapping on a three-dots menu brings adult an interface of comparison tweets that we can couple a new chatter to — to continue (or flog off) a thread.

The underline looks dictated to inspire some-more threads (from #140 characters to #280 to forever tweetstorms and beyond!).

It might also be dictated to residence a damaged thread materialisation that can still disease a information network service. Especially where users are deliberating formidable and/or nuanced topics. (And Twitter has pronounced it wants to encourage healthy conversations on a height so…)

The by-pass offers an choice for Twitter users to being orderly adequate to chatter a ideally threaded array of thoughts in a initial place (i.e. by regulating a ‘+’ choice during a indicate of component your tweetstorm).

It also does divided with a need to go manually acid by your feed for a sold chatter we wish to enhance on and afterwards attack respond to addition another.

No, it’s still not an revise button. But, frankly, if we consider Twitter is ever going to let we rewrite your existent tweets we should substantially consider longer before we strike ‘publish’ on your subsequent one.

The ‘continue thread’ choice could also be used as a de facto revise choice — by vouchsafing users some-more simply attach a improvement to a preexisting tweet.

Whether a underline will (generally) work as dictated — to boost threads and revoke damaged threads and make Twitter a reduction treacherous place for newbs — stays to be seen.

Happily it looks like Twitter has suspicion about (and sealed off) one intensity injustice risk. We tested to see what would occur if we try to insert a new chatter into a center of an existent tweetstorm — that would have had a intensity to beget more difficulty (i.e. if a thread proof got altered by a addition).

But instead of embedding a new chatter in a center of a aged thread it was combined during a bottom as a supplement. So we only start a new thread during a bottom of your aged thread.

Good job, Jack.

TechCrunch’s Romain Dillet contributed to this report 

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