Published On: Thu, Jan 7th, 2021

Twitter acqui-hires artistic group Ueno to assistance pattern new products

Twitter this morning announced it’s bringing a full-service artistic group Ueno in-house to work alongside Twitter’s possess pattern and investigate teams. The move, an acqui-hire of sorts, is one where Twitter is radically shopping a group with that it already had a tighten operative relationship, as Ueno had formerly partnered with Twitter on several pattern and product practice in a past.

The group itself was founded by Haraldur Thorleifsson in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2014. Today, it has dozens of employees operative in Reykjavik, San Francisco, New York and LA.

Over a years, Ueno has worked on a series of projects for vast brands and startups alike, including Google, Facebook, Reuters, Uber, ESPN, Sotheby’s, Walmart, Visa, NYT, Apple, Slack and others. Startups that engaged a group embody Zero,, Superhuman, Tagomi, Strava, Cruise, Credit Karma, Boosted and many more. (Ueno also worked on Clubhouse per a website, though not a same Clubhouse that’s competing with Twitter Spaces.)

Also among a clients were those that had other Twitter ties: Medium and Jelly. The former is a edition height from Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, and a latter was a QA app combined by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, that after sole to Pinterest.

Twitter Chief Design Officer Dantley Davis announced a news of Ueno’s fasten on Twitter this morning, observant Ueno has a “highly gifted and innovative group of designers, strategists, and producers.”

He also pronounced a group will assistance Twitter to “accelerate a peculiarity and execution of Twitter’s product experiences.”

Ueno’s founder, meanwhile, also announced a news, afterwards teased Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about a revise button.

Twitter tells TechCrunch that Ueno will breeze down a group and will finish a existent projects for other clients over a weeks ahead.

The association also pronounced it will be assembly with Ueno’s 50 tellurian employees over a weeks forward to learn some-more about their veteran backgrounds and goals — essentially, to establish if they can fit inside Twitter’s pattern and investigate orgs. That means Twitter might or might not finish adult employing all 50.

Twitter isn’t publicly pity what projects it has in mind for Ueno, though we know a Ueno staff will finish adult embedded opposite pivotal teams within a pattern and investigate organizations so they can work on tip of product initiatives, including “conversational tools” and other arriving features. Reading between a lines, this seems to prove that Twitter Spaces, a company’s new audio-based conversations tool, will advantage from a acqui-hire.

The association also remarkable it will continue to be on a surveillance for other talent to assistance it accelerate a work in a identical way, so this might not be a final acqui-hire understanding to come.

The news of Ueno’s acqui-hire follows that of Twitter’s merger of amicable podcasting app Breaker, announced only this week, also with a idea of staffing adult on Twitter’s new audio-based networking plan and Clubhouse opposition (the audio app), Twitter Spaces.

Deal terms were not shared.

Twitter acquires amicable podcasting app Breaker, group to assistance build Twitter Spaces

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