Published On: Sat, Feb 29th, 2020

Turns Out Super Sonic Was Almost In The Sonic Movie, But "It Didn’t Make Sense Just Yet"

Super Sonic

Despite all of a early play with a Sonic film and a terrible pattern of a lead character, many reviewers found a film to be pleasing adequate and a assembly measure amazingly is on 93%. Sonic fans are fickle, we guess?

Still, Sonic’s start story in this new cinematic star was maybe a bit too bare-bones, opting for a story focussed on his time on Earth. Turns out we could have had a very opposite movie, as early drafts seemed to embody some-more of a wider Sonic star – such as everyone’s favourite yellow blur, Super Sonic.

Speaking to, executive Jeff Fowler discusses a quandary about either to embody Super Sonic in a film or not:

It didn’t make clarity to apparently move in a Super Sonic thing only yet. we mean, there were really early versions of a book and a outlines where… given we knew that’s something that’s really critical in a fan mythology, or a mythology that fans love. And Chaos Emeralds are really a outrageous part, even going behind to a initial diversion in ’91, and it was really something that we were kind of perplexing to see. Like, “Does it make clarity to embody one of these?”

This all creates sense; as Fowler says, Chaos Emeralds have been a partial of a Sonic array of games given day one. It seems like a healthy end to underline Super Sonic in a movie, though also it’s distinct because a studio didn’t wish to torpedo newcomers to a Sonic star with too many new concepts.

Let us know what we consider about this tidbit of film trivia with a criticism below. Would this coming of Super Sonic have done a film that little bit some-more special? Or are we blissful they opted not to bother?

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