Published On: Tue, Apr 4th, 2017

Turn Off iOS Wallpaper Parallax Effect Without Disabling Animations, Here’s How

Want to invalidate a iOS wallpaper parallax outcome though branch on Reduce Motion underline in Settings app? Here’s how we can do usually that, regulating a jailbreak tweak called NoPaperLax.

Turn off Parallax Wallpaper Effect Completely and Save Battery Life regulating NoPaperLax

Aesthetically, a parallax outcome on a iOS home shade looks wonderful. But, detached from a abyss outcome it offers, it can get a bit irritating to demeanour during while during a same time infer to be a battery guzzler. The apparent thing to pill a problem is by branch on a Reduce Motion choice in Settings General Accessibility. But a apparent downside to this? The complement animations are totally incited off, creation all demeanour intensely bland.

If we are peaceful to take a jailbreak route, afterwards we will be gratified to learn that a tweak called NoPaperLax fixes a problem in a many prompt demeanour we can imagine. Not usually it turns off a parallax outcome completely, though it lets we keep a rest of a complement animations as well.

Compatible with iOS 10

Stop your apps from relocating around! The parallax outcome drains battery and can be annoying. This tweak will stop a Wallpaper parallax though keep a rest of we animations.

Now, during this point, readers will be discerning to indicate out that selecting a ‘Still’ credentials while changing wallpapers turns off a parallax effect. Then because bother? Well, even with a Still choice selected, there is a slight parallax outcome in a icons and wallpaper, regardless. Only Reduce Motion turns off this underline totally though with a apparent scapegoat of complement animations. But thankfully, jailbreak users don’t have to worry with that possibly as NoPaperLax gets things finished a approach users indeed want.

The tweak is positively giveaway to download and implement from a BigBoss repo in Cydia. There are no options to configure during all, and we can get into business as shortly as we are finished installing a tweak. And given it’s free, it won’t harm to try out a tweak during all. Just make certain we have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad during palm before going ahead.

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