Published On: Mon, Feb 27th, 2017

Turn Off Apple TV 4 System Animations – How to

Here’s how we can spin off complement animations on your Apple TV 4 regulating tvOS and make everything faster than before.

System Animations Can Be Poison during Times – Turn Them Off to Make Everything Zippy

Face it, there comes a time in each device’s lifespan where things can start to get a small slow, all interjection to a volume of calm we have installed up. To fight such a situation, we take a always-reliable track to bureau reset a devices, creation all rapid once again. But of course, such a track competence not be available for everybody as it take utterly a bit of time, and a unpleasant duty of environment things adult from blemish usually adds some-more to a altogether misery. The same principal relates to a Apple TV 4 as well, detached from smartphones and tablets. So, if we are an Apple TV 4 user, and are seeing opening going south, afterwards we can simply spin off complement animations and make all seem improved than before.


1. Turn on your Apple TV 4 regulating a Siri Remote.

2. Now navigate to Settings.

3. Go to General Accessibility.

4. You’ll see an choice here called Reduce Motion. Simply spin it ON and we are good to go.

With this small environment incited on, we will notice that a imagination tvOS animations are no some-more and all transitions from one place to a other most quickly than before. Of course, this small underline will not spin your Apple TV 4 into a deca-core monster, yet it helps a lot in situations where we usually can’t see yourself being slowed down by on-screen animations during all.

We unequivocally wish Apple threw in an choice in a inclination permitting a user to set a animation speed according to their liking, or spin them off altogether. But it seems as yet a Cupertino association believes that animations are required for a altogether user experience. I, on a other hand, trust animations usually delayed things down in a lot of cases. Especially during times when we usually wish to get things done.

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