Published On: Wed, Oct 4th, 2017

Trying out Google’s ‘Stranger Things’ AR stickers on a new Pixel 2

Google has new AR stickers entrance to a Pixel devices, with rollout set to start after this year. They use Google’s ARCore, that is designed as an easy approach for Android developers to move protracted existence practice to device users.

The AR stickers are built right into a camera app on a Pixel (when they make their approach out around program update) and they can be comparison like any other design capturing modes. You afterwards only dump them into a theatre we wish to constraint with your camera in live preview, and we can revise their distance and position.

Stickers are animated, and can correlate with any other. we took a design with a Demogorgon and with Eleven, and we also tested out positioning a stickers and walking around them. They unequivocally seemed to hang in place well, and indeed worked in chairman improved than a unsure on theatre demo would’ve led me to believe.

These are a fun underline that’ll substantially get a lot of use around promotional tie-ins like this one, though their long-term utility still stays to be seen.

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